I love decorating small spaces, and I especially love remodeling and decorating bathrooms.  When we first moved into this house the little half bath was so sad.  A tiny, boring beige bathroom.  It’s so small its hard to get photos of it.  It was completely lacking function yet it was one of the busiest bathrooms.  Knowing I couldn’t really do a full remodel yet because our budget was being used elsewhere, I did the best I could by adding a cheap over the toilet cabinet, a new mirror, and slapping on some new paint.  My stripes and Audrey Hepburn poster really helped give some personality while we were in this waiting period.  Sometimes we wait because of our budget.  Sometimes we wait because I have no idea what I want.

During this waiting period I looked at so many photos for inspiration.  I saved photos to Houzz, googled every bathroom picture imaginable, and practically devoured the Pottery Barn Bed & Bath catalog.  I noticed a pattern with everything that was catching my eye.  I liked bright, crisp looking bathrooms, and I especially liked white subway tile.

With the bathroom being so small it’s hard to photograph everything in it.  I had a light over the mirror, and I hated it.  It was literally a $12 builder grade light.  I wanted sconce lighting.  Sconce lighting is so gorgeous and dreamy.  I wish I could have it everywhere!  Since we were planning on tiling the walls we were ok with messing up the sheet rock.  It was actually pretty simple for the electrcian to convert.

Is this the world’s tiniest pedestal sink?  Maybe not but it certainly felt like it.

There was barely any room to put anything!  Since our tween daughter is often locked out of her shared bathroom from her big sister, she sometimes comes down here to get ready before school.  Now where is she supposed to put her stuff?

Hello awkward black cabinet that’s too small and hung too high over the toliet.  While we were at it we decided the pre-school sized potty that barely would flush properly would go as well. Wow just looking at these photos I remember how awkward this bathroom was!

I love subway tile with light grout and with dark grout.  I had a hard time deciding, but ended up going with a dark grout.  I chose a white hexagon tile and stayed with the same dark grout.

I’m all for saving money and DIY but tile work is something we didn’t want to do.  I mean it just looks hard, the measuring, the cutting, the gluing.  If you do your own tile work please know I think you’re awesome.

When I told the tile guys I wanted floor to ceiling subway tile they acted like I was a bit nuts to the point that it started to affect my confidence a bit.  In the end I stood my ground, it’s what I wanted.  Sometimes other people just do not see your vision, but in the end I could tell they thought it looked great. Here’s a photo of the walls once all the tile was up.  I was so excited even though it just resembled a large shower at this point.

The tile work is all done.  I seriously love the dark grout, I’m so glad I went with it.  I was a bit worried the dark grout would be to busy in a small space, but now I think the bathroom would of been too plain without it.  Now its time to put the bathroom back together.

I love shopping for mirrors.  I think mirrors are my favorite part of bathroom remodels.  I loved this gorgeous satin nickel mirror.  Sometimes my redecorating and remodeling will start with one simple thing, like a mirror.  The sconce lighting gives off the perfect amount of light.

It was challenging to find a sink that would give us a little bit of counter but also fit in the very shallow space, not sticking out past the door.  I found this awesome Kohler pedestal sink and faucet.  It’s taller and we’re a tall family.

I also found a cabinet guy off Etsy.  Seriously, I love Etsy, it’s so easy to find what I’m looking for.  He made me an unfinished cabinet to my specifications and shipped it to me.  After all the work painting the kitchen cabinets this cabinet was a breeze.  It mounted perfectly over our new chair height, adult sized potty. #TallFamily

After everything was done I decided on a nice dark gray ceiling. It was previously white, and the fact that gray grout was accidentally smeared all over the ceiling made me realize gray was a great choice.  This was a spur of the moment decision so I just mixed some old black & white paint together until I was happy with the shade.

I’m so happy with the end result.  Everything is so easy to clean, and I love having no baseboards to clean anymore.  The sides of the sink give us great function, and the cabinet is a better proportion and holds all our clutter.

Audrey stayed with us, and I can tell she’s pleased with her new bathroom.



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