I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  Last weekend we went hiking so we really enjoyed a nice restful weekend at home!  Sunday brought cooler temps and we enjoyed lots of backyard time.  Which brings me to talk about our fire pit.  We’ve had it about 8 months or so and we’ve had so much fun with it!  I mean really it’s just been awesome!

We purchased the 44 inch Fossill Brown Round Fire Pit Kit from Home Depot.  We were able to purchase this on sale.  So if your interested in purchasing one start watching for a sale.  We ordered online and about a week later we picked up the kit from the store.

I’ll go into more detail about our backyard in another story soon, but long story short for now, we had concrete poured for the fire pit while we were having some other areas done.  Once your ground is prepared, whether it be gravel, dirt, concrete, whatever you desire it’s a snap to put together.

We didn’t take photos assembling, but it was very easy.  We basically just placed the pieces where we wanted them and once we were happy we used some masonry adhesive (Liquid Nails or Loc-tite are good brands) to glue it into place.

Then to finish you place small rocks or pebbles on both sides of the fire ring and the bottom of the pit.  The rocks are sold separately.

Adirondack chairs from Amazon were added.  This is the South Beach Adirondack chair in mahogany.  I am so glad we paid extra for Polywood!  No sanding or staining ever.  These chairs are made to last.   We also purchased matching Polywood South Beach Side Tables.

The chairs feel sturdy and nice and smooth against your skin.  No splinters or maintenance!  I wish our yard swing was made out of the same material.  It’s wood and already getting scratchy feeling.  I’m very happy with our purchases, it was worth the investment and I think they’ll last forever.


We purchased this MalloMe Marshmallow Roasting Stick Set from Amazon and it’s gotten so much use.  It’s really fun, the sticks extend out 30 inches and and then retract nice and small to fit back in the storage bag.  The sticks all have different colored rings so you know whose is whose.

Smores are just so fun.  I get excited on smores nights, we all get excited.  It’s fun family bonding, and super fun for parties.

The fire pit is feels really solid and its sturdy enough to sit on the edge if you wanted to.  After heavy rains its never fills up with water and drains well because we left a hole in the center of the concrete.

I added Sunbrella pillows, which are fade resistant and quick drying.  I love leopard print, it makes me so happy!  These outdoor pillows are from Ballard Designs.  They wash up very well in the washing machine.

Thanks for reading.  Here are links to some of the items we used.



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