Cheers, it’s Friday!  It’s looking like I won’t be able to post any outfit or fashion stuff for a few weeks so I wanted to hurry up and share this awesome camisole top with you!  I’m always on the lookout for the perfect cami and I think I’ve finally found it!  I wear camisole tops constantly, they look great with practically anything.  I wear them alone, layered, casual, and dressed up.   In the summer my favorite date night look is just a simple camisole with jeans or a skirt and pretty jewelry.  When the weather is cooler, my go to look is a cami, blazer or tweed jacket, and a statement necklace.  It’s also great for workwear, so many options!

Camisole top | Jeans | Necklace | Earrings | Bag | Shoes (similar)

I’ve gone through a few other camisole tops lately, I even posted one on Instagram but never mentioned those on the blog because for whatever reason they never felt right.  Either they were too stiff, cut wrong, or dry clean only, it was always something!  Since it’s just over a week until we leave for Europe I’m on the hunt for the perfect items that will work with me while we’re over there for 6 weeks.  My other dry clean tops just won’t work.  Can you imagine trying to find dry cleaners in Europe?  Not happening.

This top fits my criteria in every way.  First of all, it’s machine wash so it’s definitely making its way into my suitcase, and it will be a great piece for all the multiple climates I’m in.  Hello – can we say stressed out, by the way, trying to figure out clothing options?  From Italy to Scotland and everywhere in between, it’s been so hard!  My plan is just to take lots of basic pieces so I can hopefully build a lot of outfits and not get bored.

The texture of this top is so silky and beautiful, and it’s just the right length to wear tucked or untucked.  The straps are adjustable, it fits true to size, and it comes in other colors and patterns.  I’ve also bought this polka dot top and you’ll definitely be seeing me wearing it in the future!  The pink is backordered for a few weeks, but I think it’s definitely worth the wait along with any other colors on backorder.

I have a home post in the works, and I’m excited to show you my summer home acents.  See ya next week – otherwise known as “Laura will be a complete nervous wreck basket case week because nothing is ready and she hasn’t even bought luggage yet”.


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