How to make a birthday balloon wreath

We’re so excited tomorrow is Leap Day!!  It’s extra special for us because it’s also my daughter Ashley’s 16th Birthday!  We always celebrate her birthday, of course, but I’m known to go a little overboard when her actual birthday comes every 4 years!  I saw a pretty bag of pastel balloons for $1 and an idea was born.

Easy DIY Birthday party balloon decor

What I especially love about this wreath is how inexpensive it was to put together.  I think I spent around $8 including the wreath form that can be reused for other wreaths.  If you already have a wreath form it will probably cost under $5 to make.  I’m big on inexpensive homemade holiday decor, not only is it fun to make but I can toss it if needed because it’s inexpensive.  Storage space is lacking in our home, so I can just pop and cut off the balloons and save my wire wreath form for another project.

How to make a birthday balloon wreath

Another bonus is how quickly you can put this wreath together!  It probably took me 20 minutes or less, so easy!  I used an 18 inch wreath form and grabbed all of my supplies from the Dollar Tree and Walmart.


wire wreath form – I used an 18 inch one

balloons – I used two bags

curly ribbon


tissue paper cut in squares – I used 3 large sheets

A few tips, balloons are cheap so have an extra bag on hand, you may break a balloon, blow it up to the wrong size, or just need more than you think.  I also started this project working on a table but about half way through I found it easier to complete the wreath hanging.  Be sure to curl the ribbon before attaching it to the balloon wreath, we don’t want scissors near the balloons!

The trickiest part of this wreath was just deciding on a balloon size, so play with the size on the first balloon before you tie it off.  Because we are not blowing up the balloons very big you should have a large stretchy end to tie and attach to the wreath.


Start by blowing up the balloons to the size you want and tie them off, leaving as much of the stretchy end as possible.

Make a loop with curly ribbon at the top to hang the wreath up.

Cut long strips of ribbon and curl with scissors.

Take some tissue paper and cut it into squares.  I cut 6 squares per each tissue paper sheet.

Tie the balloons in a staggering pattern around the wreath.  Some balloons will flop around and not look right when you tie them to the wreath.  To fix this take 2 balloons and twist them around together.  This should help anchor them.

Tie the curly ribbon to the wreath form around the balloons.  You can also add the curly ribbon once the balloons are all tied on, just loop them around the balloons to secure them.

Take the cut tissue paper squares and stuff them into the wreath to fill any bare spots and adjust wreath if necessary.  That’s it, all done!

How to make a birthday balloon wreath

Ashley loved her birthday wreath and it made the house feel so festive!  It’s so cute maybe we’ll leave it up an extra week!  If you’re wanting more birthday inspiration check out this birthday cake cookie dough,  birthday cake body scrub, and also birthday gift wrapping ideas with kraft paper.  We love birthdays!



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