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Cedar stained wall in clear satin

Last October our space-efficient master bedroom was the first remodeled room in our new house to make the blog.  Overall I was thrilled with the result and how we maximized space, but deep down I knew the room needed more.  At the time we were sleeping with our mattress on the basement floor and we just wanted to move into our bedroom ASAP!  Then we immediately started the living room and Ashley’s room, and then boom… the holidays hit.  So with all the quiet days we’ve had stuck at home lately I decided it was time to give our bedroom a little character.

I’m thrilled with the results of our master bedroom update, and best of all it was practically free!

Wood accent wall

When we had our living room cedar ceiling installed it was recommended to order an extra 20 percent of wood.  This is in case you get bad boards or have mistakes, but that extra 20 percent plus all the leftover scraps just sat in our garage.  One day while organizing the garage I had a lightbulb moment we needed a cedar accent wall!

Slowly we sorted out all the pieces of cedar that could be salvaged.  I had to sand out a few defects, but we managed to find exactly the amount of wood we needed.

Small space bedroom decor

Brian cut the boards to length, and with his nail gun he had the boards up within a few hours.  Then I filled in nail holes, stained the boards, and touched up the baseboards.  It was the perfect day project that cost us nothing and gave our room some pizazz!

I say stained, but really I just brushed on Minwax water based clear polycrylic in a satin finish.  It gives the wood just a hint of color and dries in about an hour, it’s awesome!  It’s what I’ve also used on all our knotty alder doors.

I wasn’t sure our wooden nightstands would look good on a wooden wall, so my original plan was to paint them with a flat black paint.  I really like black furniture but the downside is it shows dust so bad!  I may paint them black one day, but for now I really like the wood on wood look, it gives the room such an organic feel.

Cedar stained wall in clear satin

Cedar wood wall with black and white art

The leopard pillow covers on our bed are some of my favorite.  I bought them about 10 years ago on clearance for about $3 each, at Lowe’s of all places!  I just wish I had bought more!

With spring here and summer around the corner I had to go back to my favorite all-white bed.  Not only does white bedding look fresh and clean it also helps me sleep.  It’s very soothing and non-stimulating which is what someone with sleep issues needs!  I need my bedroom to be calm and soothing.

The only purchase I did make was this gorgeous blue throw that was on sale for a little over $30, and it’s still on sale!  I was craving a little blue in the room, I just love the color and texture so much!

Master bedroom spring decor

pendant lights for lamps

Every spring I love to grow wheatgrass around the house, so once all my flowers wilted I started planting seeds.  They grow fast too, in about 7 or 8 days you’ll get tall green grass.  Sometimes I let the grass grow shaggy and sometimes I trim them with scissors, I love both looks.  You can get all the details on how to grow wheatgrass HERE.

Pottery Barn storage bed in everyday velvet buckwheat

Lastly, we decided to remove the rug from our bedroom, it just wasn’t working.  The heavy storage bed was creating a bubble in the center that we couldn’t smooth out, and it was a magnet for dirt!  I would vacuum it daily and it looked filthy and smooshed after only 5 months -worst purchase ever!!  Once we removed the rug the room looked so much bigger, so I think I’ll just live without a rug.

Bedroom Wood Cedar Accent Wall

I’m very pleased with how everything turned out, the wood is so warm and inviting.  I do find our TV wall a little plain so in the future I might find a way to jazz it up a bit.

We’ve stayed extremely busy the last few weeks working on random projects around the house and I’ve loved every minute of it!   Besides the pantry, this is our only other new finished project but we’ve started so many other things and done lots of demo work.  Soon I’ll be doing some house updates to show you everything we have going on.  Take care!

Storage bed | Quilt | Throw | Wall frames | Pendant light | Nightstand | Ceiling fan



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  1. The cedar wood wall really adds a pop to your bedroom. It adds some color but is light enough so that it doesn’t lessen the brightness of the room. Very pretty.