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Welcome to House on the Corner!  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.  Starting a blog has been on my to do list for years.  Yes, I said years.  Life happens. Things get put on hold.  I passionately wanted to blog, I have so much to say, yet it would always get put off for many reasons.  Fear was the main reason, but I kept thinking I was never ready.  I realized I never would feel ready, I just had to dive in head first.  So hear I go!  This will certainly be a journey so be patient with me while I try to navigate the blogging world.

This is our house story.  Our house.  Our house on the corner that I now love.  When we moved to Fort Worth we were still trying to sell our other house in another city.  The market was down and the house we were trying to sell was 90 years old.  Not everyone wants a 90 year old house I’ve come to realize.  It took quite a while to sell so we rented here at first.  A lot of things drew me into this house.  I loved the big bright open living room and there was plenty of space.  It had a nice sized backyard & I loved the corner stone fireplace.  If it wasn’t for that stone fireplace I probably would of never called the realtor for a showing.  The house was for lease or sale.  We ended up leasing and I thought over the next few years it would give us time to figure out our next move.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is huge and we weren’t sure what part of town we wanted to live in.  We changed our mind so many times wondering if we should buy this house, build, or purchase another.   We toured homes for sale near and far, we looked at model homes, we talked with builders, and looked at floor plans.  Our lease was coming up, and we didn’t know what to do so we prayed, waited, and prayed again.  Our kids were happy, settled, and thriving in their schools, and I just couldn’t bare the thought of uprooting them.

We started noticing how other homes similar to ours in the neighborhood were selling for so much more that what our landlord was asking, and the cost of building a new house was really high. The new homes were insanely gorgeous, but that meant a higher house payment, less traveling, less restaurants, and less fun for us.  Our landlord had leased this house for quite a while during the slow real estate market and wanted out.  He made us a deal we couldn’t refuse.  The house was a little neglected, but it still had great possibility and the price was right.  I like to think this was a gift from God after what we financially went through from our last house.  So we decided to stay.

I remember my kids were sad we weren’t moving or building.  They wanted a beautiful house.  Who doesn’t right?  Our house wasn’t a disaster but they toured the new homes with us.  They knew what homes could be.  I promised my youngest daughter who was especially sad not to worry because this house was going to be gorgeous when I was done with it.  “Just wait and watch,” I said.

While we were leasing this house I had always thought and planned about what needed to be done.  Whether we were going to stay at this house or not, it was still fun to plan out what needed to be done.  It’s in my blood.  This is fun for me!  So when we signed the papers things were able to happen really quickly.  I knew I hated the floor, I knew the kitchen was outdated, and I knew exactly what areas to focus on first based on our lifestyle.  I remember after we had officially purchased the house thinking “Okay house it’s you and me.  We’re going to be together for a while so you’re coming up to my standards.”  Haha, Martha Stewart said something to that effect when she signed a deal with K-Mart “It’s not about me sinking down to your level, but you coming up to my standards.”  Yes!  I could relate to this.

Now I’m really glad we stayed.  This is our home.  It was meant to be.  This house definitely has some flaws, and over time I’ve learned to accept them.  I’ve come up with creative ways to fix what can be fixed and to have peace with what I can not change.  Although building new is certainly satisfying, I’m glad we went this route.  I love to remodel, decorate, and create.  I crave it.

Our home is still a work in progress, but the changes we have made have made a huge impact.  Our home feels like us now.  I’ve learned tricks from others and hopefully you will from me.  I hope my blog will inspire you to create a home environment that you love.  I hope you get creative and overcome your own challenges, because no home is completely perfect.  I want you to enjoy my projects & disasters (yes I have them) and create your own inspiration from them.

While this blog is focused on home improvement, DIY, decorating, and gardening at first, I’ll also be blogging about other things when the time is right.  My goal is to stay authentic, honest and real.  For one, I love to cook and entertain, to try recipes of others as well as experiment and create my own.  We also love to travel so that will eventually be an important part of our blog.

Thanks again for visiting, I hope you will come along and join me. I think were going to have so much fun!