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Other smaller upgrades we’ve made that I think are worth mentioning.

USB Plugs in the Kitchen.  When we did our kitchen remodel we tiled over our phone jack.  Our kids used to ask what is that thing?  These kids have no idea how hard life was having a phone cord!  We found this electric plug with built in USB sockets.  You can buy them HERE off Amazon.  It’s so convenient and really helps with charger clutter.

Refinish the Fence.  Poor sad little fence. Its on our list to upgrade to a taller fence. Until we actually get around to doing this we refinished our fence.  We sprayed each board down with a power sprayer which is like wet sanding.  It removes all the old stain and discoloration.  You’re left with new looking wood.  If your fence needs some freshening up this is a very satisfying project.

Do this on a warm day because if your like me you’ll be soaking wet from the power sprayer.  Soaking wet with little bits of wood stuck all over you.

From silver to bronze door knobs.  I actually would of considered the bronze spray paint route you see on Pinterest, but I wanted an actual knob.  These would always catch on my clothes and a few times I actually had some damage.

Silver is pretty but I love the rich bronze next to the white doors. You can purchase these HERE.

A new front door.  I considered painting my front door turquoise or bright green, but its not on HOA’s approved list of colors.  Cue eye roll….but this metal door was a bit worn out anyway, and I really wanted a quality wood door.

I love the rich dark wood of this new door from Home Depot.  That’s my door mat from Ballard Designs.  Its my favorite, it gets pretty beat up so I usually buy a new one every year.

If your curious about our RING doorbell, yes we really like it.  It definitely comes in handy.  If you looked hard enough you saw my “No Soliciting” sign.  While it is a little tacky, it is much needed in my neighborhood…the solicitors are CRA-ZY!  So I try to go about it with a little humor, if you’re interested, you can find it HERE.

Pantry Organization.  We added an Elfa door rack from The Container Store to add lots of extra storage space as well as bins for the shelves.  I love having bins in the pantry. I can easily store my food into groups like lunch snacks, produce and baking supplies.

So here ya go.  Some of our smaller, shorter upgrades that have worked quite well for us.  Sometimes its the little things that really count.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this!