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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Saturday I found some bargains.  I’ve been needing some low shelves or some type of furniture item to hold clutter on our patio.   While driving by a resale shop I found these great shelves sitting outside for $5, and they fit perfectly!   I’ll be giving these shelves a makeover this week.

I don’t have the best of luck finding things I like at many Dollar stores, except the Dollar Tree.  Lately Dollar Tree has had a lot of things I like, and I can’t stay out of there.  While I was in the store today picking up a few regular items I found these gorgeous blue wine & drinking glasses.  I’ve always wanted blue wine glasses.  These are real glass too, not plastic. $1 each!  Drool….I love blue glass.  I have an entire bottle tree with blue bottles.  I can imagine lots of patio dinners with these beauties!

Sparkling water tastes even better in a gorgeous blue glass.

Sunday the weather was perfect so we spent most of the day outside.  Brian focused on building wood screens to hide our trash cans over in the square foot garden.  I’ll need to stain them soon.  I’m happy because this is the last step of our garden plan.  Now I’m just waiting on the grass seed to sprout…and it’s taking its sweet time!

When a beautiful day like this comes around it’s usually followed with some outdoor grilling.  Stay tuned on how to make this amazing grilled chicken with roasted pepper & basil salsa.  Recipe soon to follow I promise!

Have a blessed week!