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I’ve known for a while I needed a cabinet or something to hide our clutter on our patio.  We had a big rubbermaid container full of stuff with even more things sitting on top.  I looked around on Overstock and Amazon for something, even went to a few thrift stores one day and found nothing that motivated me.  Weeks went by and I temporarily forgot about my patio clutter problem until I drove by a thrift shop that had a bunch of bookshelves outside.  Specifically a lot of low shelves which is exactly what I needed.  A day care had just unloaded lots of bookshelves at this thrift store and everything was 50 percent off, which made my shelves $5!

These shelves are a perfect fit….they do need some sprucing up for sure!

I ripped off the peg board, I knew from the start that it would go.  The shelves luckily seem pretty sturdy without the backboard, it appears to not need any bracing.  So here we are, I’ve hand sanded any glossy sheen and filled and smoothed any wood imperfections.

I found wooden bins that fit well at IKEA.  IKEA is one of those stores where I can definitely get in to trouble.  I go in for one specific item, but my cart is ALWAYS overflowing when I leave!  Anyone else have that problem?

I stained the wooden bins in my fave Ready Seal stain in pecan.  Staining the inside and outside took forever!  I wanted to give the baskets some color, but it’s nice they’re also protected from our Texas sideways rain.  Sideways rain, I hate you.

This is a job for spray paint!  Rust-oleum is my jam.  I decide on brown to blend in with my sectional.  I think it will look great with the lighter stained baskets.

When I spray paint furniture and large items I try to go in even strokes, usually by the 3rd coat I get the sheen nice and even.  Anytime I’ve had trouble getting the spray paint sheen even I can usually even it out with a few coats of polycrylic top coat brushed on by hand.  Keep that in mind if you have a piece that’s frustrating you.  You can read more about spray painting furniture in my How To Spray Paint Furniture blog post.

The photo above is after 2 coats, I ended up doing about 4.

All done.  These shabby daycare bookshelves are happy to be useful again.

I have all our most used outdoor items now grouped into each bin.  Spa supplies, gardening, fire pit items, sunscreen and bug spray, and a miscellaneous bin.

Ah…my eyes can relax!  I no longer have a pile of random items crammed into the corner!

The finished result is exactly what we needed.  Spur of the moment thrift store purchases are so fun!

*UPDATE – We used these shelves for over a year and they did great however we did recently upgrade to this shelf with bins from Pier One. The shelves were still in great condition and I was able to give it away to someone in need.