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May has to be our craziest month.  Between orchestra, theatre & art, we have banquets, shows and auditions, and don’t forget all the end of the year testing, it starts to get to us all.  Everything my kids work so hard for all year long suddenly comes to an end in May and it starts to pull on our sanity.  My girls are so stressed out, which means I’m stressed out.  We all have burn out.  3 more weeks….we can do it.  In 3 more weeks no more freakishly long school drop off and pick up lines.  3 more weeks and all the school lunch boxes, back packs, and endless papers go away!  3 more weeks until all the teenage friend drama goes away!!!

The only thing that has kept me going this month is all the episodes of Southern Charm.  I’ve got Charleston and Savannah to feast on!  With New Orleans soon to follow.  My kids know they can come to me for anything at anytime except when Southern Charm is on.

We had a great Mothers Day weekend visiting with family.  My sweet son Corey came to visit.   See I really do have 3 kids I wasn’t making that up.  He’s a hard one to catch I tell ya!  Usually he’s busy working or off being a boy.  I cherish these moments we’re all together.

About 18 months ago we were so pumped to redo our garage that we started painting and for whatever reason we never finished.  I can’t remember why we didn’t finish.  Did we just run out of paint? Or get tired?  No clue, but we have plans for one of those perfectly manicured garages.  We managed to clean the garage last weekend so just having it clean is a plus.

We need a new hot water heater because we have to take showers in shifts with this one, and since we need a new one we’ve decided to move it to the far right corner.  It’s current location gets in the way with the car parked in the garage.  So that’s one of the issues holding us up.  This is a before pic:

Before we get the ultimate garage we also want to build a shed to hold a bunch of our yard equipment and junk, but before we build the shed we must make room by extending the side fence out on the North side of the house.  It’s the domino effect and we get stuck in them often!  I’ll hold off on showing you the left side of the garage, its not as good as this side.

I keep wondering what on earth I spray painted red and got on the garage floor.  I have no memory of that, I’m sure it was me who did it though!  Oh well, we will eventually have a nice new garage floor.

On a simpler note we are extending our backyard flowerbed.  This is the area behind our pergola.  We tried a no-dig flowerbed months ago in a different area of the yard.  I was really hoping it would have worked out better but no, we’ve got grass coming in pretty hard.  We really layered that area thickly with cardboard, compost, and mulch.  Not all is lost, we can salvage the no dig area without starting over, but I’m not exactly wanting to do another one since it’s not that effective.  I’m bummed the no dig method didn’t work because I hear its better for the environment and according to my husband digging out grass is like the worst thing ever.

Above you can see the mulch line where we are adding on from the no dig flowerbed.  I’m still undecided and researching what I want to plant.

While I’m on the topic of the backyard we have baby grass growing!  Baby grass is so cute!!  It takes so long for bermuda grass to grow from seed!

With all the construction we’ve had in our backyard and trenching for sprinkler system adjustments it left us with a wavy uneven backyard.  Plus we had low uneven spots from the previous owners’ dogs, they really liked to dig.  So we have been leveling our yard with fill dirt trying to smooth everything out.  It’s slowly improving.

Here’s my Mothers Day gift I accidentally opened.  I’m so used to getting packages from Amazon I just opened it without realizing it was addressed to my husband.  Honest!

I’ve wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven for as long as I can remember.  I love the bright red color, it’s cherry.  I’m scared to use it.  It’s just so perfect.  It’s like holding your newborn baby for the first time!  I just don’t want to hurt it.  Hopefully I’ll get over this fear soon.  I’ll be so sad if I chip it or something.  Anyone have any tips to keep it nice?

My Dad had a birthday and he loves coconut so I got to try this awesome Coconut poke cake from the Country Cook.  I love poke cakes, they’re so easy and always gooey yummy goodness!  Coconut lovers, try the recipe you will not be disappointed.

We have a weekend hiking trip coming up soon and we really need to get away.  I can’t wait to share our adventures with you.  Have a great rest of the week!