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Hi!  I have a small master bathroom update to share!  If you ever read our Master Bedroom blog post you might remember I briefly mentioned our master bathroom and how it desperately needs a remodel but we aren’t quite ready for a few reasons.  I also said how we had purchased a few new items to improve the look of the bathroom but because it’s a tear out job I wanted to stop spending money on it.  Well, for the most part I meant that.

But…I hate this potty and it’s such a small depressing area that’s lacking.  The previous home owners had some sort of shelf up as you can see from the badly patched up wall.  I did paint this area with the leftover paint from our bedroom, as you can see it’s slopped all over the baseboards!  I’ve painted the baseboards in the entire house except in here.

We did decide anyway to do a little mini makeover for this area which is separate from the main bathroom. The toilet can be taken off during the remodel and put back.  This is the last of our builder grade, badly flushing, water wasting, way too small toilets we have left.

We’ve upgraded all our toilets to the Kohler Cimmaron.  This is now our 4th Kohler Cimmaron toilet and we have no complaints at all!  Do know that the toilet seat and wax seal are sold separately.  I also use the Simple Human trashcan in every bathroom of ours.  It fits nicely and has a quiet close lid.

I needed something to hang over the toilet and I could have gone with some cute wall art, but I’m always needing more bathroom storage…I mean always!  I wish the old over the toilet cabinet we removed from our guest bath would have fit (it’s in the attic), but that thing is large and this space is so super small.

I purchased the Elegant Home Fashions Madison White Wall Cabinet from Amazon.

The cabinet doors had clear glass and since I didn’t want to stare at the chaos inside the cabinet  I added this frosted window film.  Adding it was pretty easy.

This cabinet was easy to put together and it fits so nicely in the area, it’s only 7 inches deep which is perfect.

I’m surprised how happy this small little upgrade made me.  It motivated me to finally paint the baseboards.  Yay!

Another thing that I didn’t like about our builder grade toilet was the curved tank lid.  I couldn’t really put anything on top because it wasn’t stable and could fall.  Love the flat tank lid!

We did order this toilet from Amazon and I had no problems at all going this route.  With the Kohler Cimmaron there is an elongated bowl and a round bowl.  I purchased the round bowl since this space is extra tight, it saved a few inches.

Thanks for reading!