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It’s October now so it’s time to get out all your fall decor and pumpkins.  Pumpkins!!!  I can never get enough.  I’ve got a super easy DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter idea for you.   Well, I have 2 actually.

Some years in the fall I plant Mums, and then Pansies if it’s cool enough.  This year I didn’t feel like messing with either (I will probably do Pansies later, though).   I love to garden but sometimes it’s nice to have a break.  So if you have a planter or an urn handy let’s create a simple pumpkin planter centerpiece!

Below is our end of summer front porch.  No no no….It’s October 3rd, I can’t have any of this!  Pink impatient flowers you’re gorgeous and I’m proud you survived summer but you must go.  I’m way too OCD to have pink flowers on my pumpkin-themed fall porch!

If your plants are healthy but you need a change (and feel bad about ripping them up), then relocate them.  I do this all the time for various reasons.   I think I’ll move the pink flowers to the backyard somewhere.

Start with an urn or some type of planter.  I left the dirt in the pot to give some height.  If you have no dirt then use crumbled newspaper as a filler.

Now ready for the super easy part?  Go buy a fall wreath.  Or maybe you already have one, or check the Dollar Stores, it does not need to be high quality.  Mine was on sale and inexpensive.

I chose a medium sized wreath. Then simply place the wreath over your container.

The next super easy part is just set a pumpkin on top, real or fake.  Any pumpkin will work!  If your pumpkin sits too low place an object to raise it slightly.  I found a small box that worked perfectly.

Now bend and fluff the wreath to fill in any gaps.  I did purchase a few bundles of cheap filler foliage just in case I needed to fill in any bare spots.  It’s your choice, you may or may not need to do this depending on how fluffy your wreath is.

Hey there pumpkin….lookin good!

Another fun pumpkin filler idea is to add a little hay over your dirt and add smaller pumpkins and gourds.  You can purchase small bundles of hay at most craft stores.  This is exactly what I needed for our wall planter.  Tiny pumpkin babies!

Why are pumpkins just so darn cute?  I can’t get enough of them.   Now I’ve got my pots filled, I have fall color and I can have a little break from garden maintenance.  Yay!

Hello fall front porch.  I love you!  If you’re interested in the monogram pumpkin or the wreath on my door I purchased them last year from Kirklands.  I don’t see them for sale anymore, but I did find another monogramed pumpkin HERE at their site.

I’m still working on the back yard, adding lots of pumpkins and some fall touches here and there.  How’s your fall decorating going?