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I think in a previous blog post late spring or summer I may of mentioned how we were almost done with the backyard but we still had a few things left.  With us we certainly go through phases in our home improvements.  It gets exhausting and we needed a little break, but we are ready to get back at it!

We’re trying to cross a few smaller projects off our list and the fence extension was definitely a project that needed to be done!  I love having side yard space.  Our south side yard is home to our garden, and extending the north side fence has been a plan for probably a year now.  We just didn’t seem to get around to it though.

The fence originally ended and was flush with the back wall of the house.  At some point we moved it 10 feet toward the road to be even with the neighbor’s.  It was a great spot to kinda hide yard clutter, but we needed even more space and having all this side yard in the front of the house is basically wasted, not to mention there is a large window that I wanted more private & it also seems vulnerable to break ins.  Extending the fence has given us space to build a shed and given us additional security and privacy with our window.

Look how fast our shrubs have grown in 4 months.  Thats crazy!  One of Brian’s employees wants the old fence panel, I think he’s going to do something cool and crafty with it.

Our next plan is to level the ground in the back and build a shed for storage.  This shed has been in our garage since June!  It was a Fathers Day gift for Brian, so now that the fence is extended the shed can go up. Yay!  Wait there’s more I’m super happy about, with the shed that means less garage clutter and we can finally get our garage makeover plan going!  I’m thinking it may not happen until after January, but hey, it’s in the near future and I’m so excited!  Brian and I have garage fantasies, you know the ones that are perfectly organized, look amazing, and have a perfectly painted garage floor.  Oooh…I’m ready for that.

Again, for staining the fence we used our favorite stain Ready Seal in Pecan.  Normally we painfully brush it on, this time we were open to experimenting with our paint sprayer and OMG we will never brush stain on again!  Brian was able to stain the fence addition front and back in no time at all.  The only negative is it seems we used more stain with the sprayer, but that’s fine with me because it probably would of taken up all day to stain both sides of the fence front and back.

This is the second time we have used our Wagner Control Spray Power Paint Sprayer and it’s such a time saver!

There is a small section of the neighbor’s fence exposed that has their stain on it, so once the new fence stain is fully dried and cured we’ll power spray off their stain and use ours to match.  You can read about our power spraying fence adventures, in our Fence Update blog post.

So far we are thrilled with all our new side yard space.  We probably have close to 40 extra feet of space to use now, space that was previously wasted.  Before we began our fence addition we first checked with our neighbors and with our HOA rules.  HOA rules can be pretty strict, but ours only stated the fence needs to be set back at least 5 feet from the front of the house.

You can definitely tell this was a previously neglected space in our yard.  The grass everywhere else is green, but not back here.

Hopefully (hint hint) we can get the shed built soon to hold our yard clutter!  Once spring comes we will restore the grass, extend our rock stepping stone pathway, and add a little landscaping here and there.  Thanks for reading!