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I’ve had way too many mascaras in my life.  Especially bad ones.  I most recently tried Monsieur Big.  Never in my life have I heard so much hype about a mascara.   I was so excited to finally try it and I ended up hating it.  It has pretty good reviews, but in the end I thought it applied badly and looked terrible.   I’ve tried so many mascaras from Mac to YSL, none of them have really moved me…they’re just ok.  I would always try to use them up but I never repurchased them.

I love big beautiful lashes, but after trying so many times I’ve given up on lash extensions.  I’m allergic, even to the sensitive glue.  They look stunning but nothing is worth the pain, and speaking of pain I’ve yet to find a lash growth serum that doesn’t bother my eyes either!  So I need a mascara that will bring it all.  I’ve got no other options!

So when I received a sample of Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in noir I thought this will probably go great with all the other mascaras I hate.  The sample actually sat in my bathroom drawer a few weeks until I noticed it one day and decided to go for it.

This is a great mascara.  It wore so well that the next day I went online and bought the full size tube.  I thought to myself “Am I just liking this because it’s Chanel?”  Nope it’s that good.  No clumping, no drama, no flaking, no smudging, and I was able to remove it easily.  Each swipe goes on smooth, and my lashes are defined, lengthened, and with plenty of volume.  It is a wet mascara so be sure and let it dry.  I ended up using 2 generous coats and it lasted perfectly throughout the day.

My girls aren’t really into makeup, but last week Ashley did ask to use my mascara.  She doesn’t wear it enough to purchase her own.  “Sure, try my new sample,” I said.  “Oh, good,” she said, “because I hate that other mascara you bought (Monsieur Big).  It’s way too clumpy.”  She loved  Le Volume De Chanel  just like I did.  I think her exact words after she used it were “Wow, this is really awesome mascara.”  Yep..leave it to Chanel to get it right.

Full disclosure, it’s not chiropractor proof.  It did smudge a bit after I was face down on the table for a while.  I’m pretty sure the chiropractors I go to have taken a special class on how to screw up my makeup anyway.  LOL, so I’m not sure it’s the mascara’s fault here.

My thoughts on this mascara are that it’s fantastic.  It takes a very special mascara for me to buy a second tube.  This is definitely a repeat purchase.   One of the reasons I love shopping at Nordstrom for makeup and skincare is their easy return policy, although I usually end up loving most products I get.   If you aren’t in love with your current mascara why not give Le Volume Chanel Mascara a try?