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Surprise!  I’ve added a fashion catagory to my blog.  It has sat empty for a week or two so you probably knew changes were coming.  Now that it’s fall and temps have dropped I thought it would be a perfect time to start expanding the blog.  I really love fashion and style all year long but to me it always seems more exciting in the fall.

I’m still obsessed with home decor and projects, that will never change.  When I decided it was time to add a fashion category to my blog a flood of thoughts and ideas entered my mind.  Talk about feeling overwhelmed!   I plan on starting off slowly and building up my fashion posts gradually.   I spent a lot of time praying about this, and the truth is I do feel slightly out of my comfort zone adding fashion, but that’s ok and it’s understandable.  Change is good, it’s all about personal growth and being the best you can be.

My fashion style is similar to how I have our home decorated.  Because fashion and home decorating go hand in hand, I think if you have a nack for one you have a nack for the other…even if you aren’t aware of it.  Sometimes it just needs a little development.  So if your stuck fashion wise as to what you truly love then look around your home for inspiration and vice versa.  As I continue to blog you’ll see more of how I work my clothing and accessories.  You’ll see what I love to splurge on and where I cut costs and save.

I keep up with trends but I’m not overly obsessed with them either, sometimes classic is the best choice.  I love black & white clothing, mixing prints, adding in pops of color and my weakness…ACCESORIES!

I’m a big believer in knowing when to spend and when to save when it comes to your wardrobe.    I’m all for purchasing investment pieces when it’s worth it, but I can be pretty hard on my clothes and not everything in your closet should be a big ticket item.  Fashion should be about what works for you, your life, and what you enjoy.

I want to thank my sweet husband Brian for taking my photos and beginning his journey into learning photography.  He is truly supportive in my decisions and I am blessed.  I also want to thank my readers for supporting me and being patient with me while I take a different creative direction.  Until next time darlings!