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I’ve had a long term obsession with scarves for years now.  Scarves add instant style without even trying.  They’re the perfect travel buddy, they can take the place of jewelry and transition any outfit from day to night.   In cold weather I love the feeling of a cozy scarf nestled around my neck, it comforts me.  With so many fabrics from silk to wool, you can wear scarves year round and help you transition from one season to another.  I even wear my scarves in the summer, I love to throw on a loosely tied scarf with a pair of shorts and a cute top, or another favorite summer look is paired with a maxi dress.  There are so many ways to style a scarf that the possibilities are endless, and they aren’t just for fashion, you can use them in your home decor for visual interest.  Let’s talk a little bit more about why I love them so much.



Instant Style

Scarves really can elevate a look and bring on some serious style.  You can take a simple plain top with jeans, throw on a scarf, add some sunglasses and suddenly you look amazing.  I’m always trying to polish my outfits, and I find adding a scarf is such an easy way to achieve that!  It doesn’t matter if you choose to tie your scarf in a simple or an advanced style – either way fabulous!

They’re incredibly versatile

With so many fabric choices scarves can be used year round.  They’re also incredibly versatile ranging from casual to formal.  Wear one as a swimsuit cover up to the beach or as an evening wrap to a glamorous event.  They also come in very handy in the summer when stores and restaurants have their A/C blasting & your freezing cold!  On date nights I try to keep a scarf folded up in my purse because restaurant temperatures are so unpredictable!

Visual interest

Black clothing is a staple item in my closet, seriously I can’t live without it.  I also tend to get bored easily with my clothes.  I need scarves to mix it up and they certainly do.  I depend on scarves to bring in color, pattern, and texture to my outfit.  When I’m bored with a dress or top I can switch out scarves and create endless looks.  It definitely helps me save money and lets me have a little fun with my wardrobe.

Hide flaws

Did you know scarves are a secret weapon when it comes to hiding flaws?  If you’ve gained a few too many pounds then scarves are to the rescue!  There are several ways to arrange scarves to camaflogue a tummy.  They can hide breakouts along the neck and jaw, hide clothing tears/stains, or camouflage a top that’s too low cut.   Nobody will know your little secret, they’ll just think you look amazing!


You can find amazing scarves from just about every price point.  I do have some designer scarves I love, but I have a lot less worry with inexpensive ones and they look just as great.  Plus, when I buy affordable scarves I can buy so many more!  You can find lower priced scarves at high end department stores but I seriously love Target scarves!  I can’t go to Target without at least browsing the through their scarves!


I chose this pink scarf to wear for this post because it’s one of my favorites.  A splash of pink makes me happy!  I have outfit details below, the hot pink is currently unavailable but there is a new gorgeous lighter pink shade available and many other shades.


Michael Stars Shine Tee  (I’m wearing an XS/S)

 Pink scarf  (other colors available)

Vince Camuto black suede booties  (runs small I ordered a size up)

Gorjana ring hoops  (silver)