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Shopping during the holiday season can be stressful.  Trust me I know.  All year long I see amazing gift ideas…then suddenly as December nears I seem to draw a blank on what to buy people.  I think we all must do that!  A few days ago I posted my Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers but what about some other ideas?  Don’t worry I’ve got you.  I’ve found 18 gifts perfect for the home, whether you love to cook, want to style your home, or just need some little luxury items in your life!  I’ll be getting a few more gift guides out this week but let’s get started with some gifts for the home.


1  Williams Sonoma Oven Mitt

“I don’t need any oven mitts because I have plenty and mine are so nice” said no one ever.  I trash mine, I burn them, stain them and oddly enough some how lose them.  Anyone who loves being in the kitchen would certainly be happy with new gorgeous oven mitts from Williams Sonoma!

2  All-Clad Cookie Sheet

The mother of all cookie sheets.  Available in two sizes, these bring it all!  Impress any cook with these cookie sheets.  No burning, no drama, just happy eating.

3  Copper Round Metal Basket

This gorgeous metal basket can do anything from hold fruit in the kitchen, hold magazines, or display groups of large items.  With the copper metal it’s a sure winner that can blend with pretty much all home decor.

4  Diptyque Baies Scented Oval

Perfect to scent small spaces.  I’ve had mine in my closet for a month and it still creates a luxurious smell.  The Diptyque Baies scent is literally the best of the best.  It just smells so good.

5  Oval Oak Salad Bowl

Impress any foodie or entertainer with this lovely oak salad bowl.  This stunning bowl is perfect for meal time or perhaps on display as home decor.

6  Monogram Mug

I always love a cute new mug and I’m pretty sure other people do too!  What a lovely gift this affordable monogram mug would be!

7  Plissee Matte Mini Vase

I absolutely adore Rosenthal vases, especially the mini size.  Not only are the mini sizes very affordable, but they make the perfect accent in any room.  Add a simple flower or some greenery.  They always look stunning in any room.

8  Twig Salad Servers

Salad servers or beautiful art?  I can’t decide…either way anybody would certainly be pleased with this useful beautiful item.

9  Hello Accent Pillow

Hello.  Most of us could use more cute accent pillows.  Kate Spade says this is a great gift and I believe her.  Put a smile on anyone’s face with this cute friendly pillow.

10  Olive Wood Cheese Board

This rich grained sustainable wood cheese board would please anyone.   Plus it can double as a serving tray – that’s a win!

11  Martha Stewart Pom Pom Throw

Impress anyone, or yourself with this luxury throw.  Available in grey or taupe it would not only be a gorgeous item but also useful in any home.

12  Niven Morgan Blue Hand Soap

Everyone is always needing more hand soap for their home and Niven Morgan products are amazing.  I’m partial to the blue scent…it’s perfect for everyone.

13  La Cucina Pasta Bowl & Serve Set

You feel as if you dining in Italy with this Italian pasta bowl serving set.   These hearty sized bowls have detailing, plus they’re microwave and dishwasher safe.

14  Crate and Barrell Stainless Steel Candle Holder Set

This 3 piece set of stainless steel mirrored candle holders would look beautiful anywhere in the home.  This versatile gift is perfect for any home decor addict.

15  Le Cruset 4 1/2 Quart Dutch Oven

La Cruset is such a luxury gift for anyone who loves being in the kitchen.  You can take your food to another level with the even cooking of Le Cruset, and with so many gorgeous colors available it’s hard to decide on which one!

16  Voluspa Japonica Candle Set

Voluspa candles smell so good and a 4 piece candle set is a perfect way to try several scents.  Plus the glass containers are lovely to look at.

17  Voluspa Embossed Glass Chawan Bowl Candle

This strongly scented candle comes in a glass jar that doubles as a gorgeous home accent.  With notes of goji berry, mango, and orange, the Goji Tarocco Orange candle smells incredible, but you can decide that for yourself.

18  Kendra Scott Stone Slab Picture Frame

Impress anyone with the gift of a Kendra Scott frame.  It’s like jewelry for your home, Kendra Scott fans will especially love this.

I hope this holiday gift guide for the home helps you out.  Any of these gifts should surely put a smile on anyone’s face.  Best of luck to you shopping this holiday season!