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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and that would be because of the holiday buffet at The Zodiac restaurant inside Neiman Marcus!  Now, let me start out by saying that I am NOT a fan of buffets and my family really isn’t either.  We all trade stories of food poisoning and lots of overpriced food that tastes like plastic.  But nope..not this one.  Neiman Marcus gets it right.  The holiday buffet at The Zodiac has been our tradition for years.  A tradition that we all love and cherish, and one I hope we will continue forever.

The Zodiac restaurant is up on the 6th floor of Neiman Marcus, at the original flagship location in downtown Dallas.  It’s a true luxury experience for those who live in the area and definitely a must see for tourists.  Department store restaurants are a true passion of mine and for good reason – it combines my two loves.  That would be shopping and eating!

You can shop your way up to the restaurant or shop the floors down after your meal, taking the gorgeous mirrored elevator or the golden escalator.

The Zodiac is open year round – and it’s fabulous anytime of the year – but during the holidays it’s really something special.  Reservations are a must this time of year, the closer to Christmas the more crowded it gets.

The holiday buffet starts the day before Thanksgiving and ends New Years Eve.  The Zodiac is open for lunch only between the hours of 11-3pm, Monday-Saturday, and priced at $42 per person.  More information can be found here at the Neiman Marcus website.

Shortly after being seated we ordered our wine, my favorite the Neiman Marcus Chardonnay.  It’s served at all the Neiman Marcus restaurants.  Try it, trust me…it’s good!  A full cocktail list is also available with lots of fun holiday cocktails.

After we ordered the wine we were immediately served with the good stuff.  The legendary chicken consommé and popovers with strawberry butter.  These are served complimentary year round at The Zodiac, a tradition that has lasted generations.  Ok, forget the holiday buffet, just come for broth and popovers!  Ok…I’m kidding, but this is certainly a favorite.

Inside the restaurant the walls are a beautiful blue, which my camera really didn’t bring out.  The decor is clean and modern which you know I love and appreciate.

What I really love about this buffet is how good the food tastes.  It doesn’t taste mass produced like most buffets I’ve experienced.  We always start with the salad end which is incredible!  If you aren’t a big salad eater at buffets, try the ones here, you’ll love them.

The butternut squash ravioli was my favorite.  Haley was obsessed with the mashed potatoes, Corey was in love with the sweet potatoes.  Ashley gobbled up the truffle mac and cheese (so did I), and Brian…well, let’s just say he loved everything.

For dessert we had the choice of red velvet cake, bread pudding, or gingerbread spice cake.  Hello carb day!  All were devine, but I have to confess compared to previous years I’m a little bit bummed about the dessert situation.  I can’t be the only one.  Previous years we were served little sampler dessert trays to share.  They would feature gourmet jelly beans, little petit fours, and mini cupcakes and pies.  Neiman Marcus will you bring this back?  Pretty please?  Your new desserts taste great but the dessert tray was something incredibly unique and special.

After lunch we shopped our way down.  Stunning Christmas trees and holiday music filled each floor with magic.  If you aren’t in the holiday spirit when you arrive you will be when you leave!

The shopping is incredible.  You’ll find everything from couture dresses, home decor, and fashionable Christmas ornaments to gourmet food and chocolates.  Prices range from affordable to extravagant, and it’s a perfect time to pick up gifts.  There is something for everyone!

And don’t forget to check out the Chanel Boutique and the shoe department…it’s what dreams are made of!

Families with children will love the toy selection, and don’t forget about Santa!  On the first floor be sure to get a photo with Santa next to the amazingly tall Christmas tree.  I tried to get my kids to sit on Santa’s lap but they wouldn’t have it!  Teenagers just give you an eye roll.

Complimentary valet parking is available to all shoppers and diners, but if that’s not your jam a parking garage is across the street.

Neiman Marcus and The Zodiac restaurant is a must for locals, if you haven’t tried it what are you waiting for?  Those who live farther away don’t forget this iconic store while visiting.  It’s the original and it’s the best anytime of year, but be sure to visit during Christmas for true magic!