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I’m talking about one of my favorite things ever today and that would be bathrobes!  There isn’t anything better this time of year then being all warm and wrapped up in a cozy bathrobe!  Do you need a new one?  Then treat yo’ self!  You deserve it!  Or maybe you’re stuck on some holiday gift ideas, so what about new bathrobes?   I don’t know about you but my old bathrobe was literally starting to fall apart!  I can’t imagine anyone not being thrilled with a new soft and scrumptious bathrobe.

I shopped around a long time for the perfect bathrobe – it was so hard because there are so many amazing options!  I finally decided on the Pottery Barn Waffle Weave Resort Robe and the title is right…I feel like I’m staying in a luxury hotel resort wearing it!  This robe has it all, meaning it’s soft & cozy, yet absorbent when I get out of the shower.  It washes well…I didn’t notice much shrinkage at all and it looks so crisp and white hanging in my bathroom.   I tried on a small and a medium, both fit, but in the end I went with the medium because I wanted that oversized fit.

While I was chilling in my new robe I started to notice how ratty Brian and the kids’ bathrobes were so I thought they could use an upgrade as well.  I felt guilty having all this cozy bathrobe goodness to myself and not sharing, so now everybody has one.  They must love them too because they pretty much wore them all day and didn’t want to take them off – so yeah I’d say they were a hit!