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It’s December and I feel like I should be doing something more Christmasy like baking cookies or building a gingerbread house…but nope…I’m not.  I’ve been organizing my master bathroom instead and I’ve had a blast doing it!  Now, I know I’ve said how much I hated my master bathroom in our Master Bedroom reveal.  It does need a remodel, and you know those seashell-shaped sinks drive me insane, but I’ve been meaning to get everything a bit more organized.

The Container Store has an incredible selection of gift wrapping supples, so when I stopped by to pick up Christmas wrapping paper and bows it was like BAM!  Find a clutter solution now!  You probably wonder why I even have all that junk on my countertop anyway.  Well, that’s because I have too much stuff and too little space.  A problem most people have right?

This photo is probably hurting your eyes from all the cords and clutter.  Yeah…it’s hurting mine too.

First step was to really utilize the under-sink storage.  Previously I just had laundry baskets to hold dirty clothes because I couldn’t get much else to fit with the sink plumbing.  Honestly, I could barely get small low sided laundry baskets to fit!  I managed to find another spot for the laundry baskets under the shelves in our small toliet room.

I bought 2 of the Sliding 2-Drawer Organizers for under the sink and they are awesome!  I had to adjust them at different heights to fit, but in the end I did get them to perfectly fit and they rock!

These sliding drawers easily glide out and hold a ton!  The cabinet hinges were another issue I had to work around but I’m happy I was able to tweak them and they open and close great!

I found a nice sized clear bin to hold all my billions of samples that I always forget about but can not part with LOL!   These StickOnPods also work great to hold little knick-knacks, and it’s very convenient to just reach down and grab something while I’m sitting at my vanity.

Tip:  Keep scissors in your bathroom – it makes life so much easier!

Seriously I have so much stuffed crammed in here, which freed up space in the bathroom drawers.  So now I have plenty of space to store my make-up and hair brushes and get them out of sight.

Everything was coming together nicely and then suddenly – YAY our faucet broke.  2 sinks means 2 new faucets, but I’m glad it broke because this Delta Mandara brushed nickel faucet made a huge impact!  I mean wow!  This larger toothbrush and toothpaste caddy also worked well to hold all my Marvis toothpaste flavors I can’t live without.

I previously had this huge caddy holding junk, toothbrushes, toothpastes, and hair brushes.  So once that was gone I had space for flowers, and I need flowers!  Especially red roses and this candle…well it’s just about the most incredibly gorgeous smell I have ever experienced.

All my makeup fits neatly into my vanity drawer, and my perfume bottles are just so lovely I wanted to keep them out.  They now sit on a gorgeous mirrored tray from Pottery Barn.  I love using trays to display my collections!  I have another one holding soap and body wash near my bathtub.

I upgraded my vanity stool and it also made a big impact.  I’m really glad all these changes can make it into our future bathroom remodel.

I found a battery operated LED makeup light which lights up great and solves the ugly black cord problem, and the little marble canister to the right of it holds my essential hair ties that I need quick access too.

I bet your wondering where all the cords went and how we’re charging all our devices.  We had a brilliant idea!  For some odd reason our closet has a plug behind the door in the middle of the wall.  Brian was able to tap into it and install this new 4-way outlet on a hidden shelf in the toliet area.  We got lucky with that one, but you can check with an electrician and see if you can easily add one to a less obvious location such as under a cabinet or shelf.

And now for the big reveal!!!

What a difference!  This bathroom still has issues.  The shower is definitely not good and the sinks and bathtub are actually stained and chipping but hey – I feel better!  This is a bathroom uplifting post and I’m not focusing on the flaws.  My new vanity stool matches my jewelry armoire too.

I have had our remodel on my mind a lately.  I’m starting to think about what I like and I’m saving inspirational photos.  I think we’re going to keep the cabinet frame and get new doors like I’ve done in my other 2 bathroom remodels.  I love the white countertop so I’ll probably stick with the white on white and oh my gosh I can’t wait to get normal sinks!   Those are goals right there LOL!

I’m toying around with the idea of wallpaper, maybe a moroccan print?  Something subtle and bright with hints of gray.  I want to get all the warm tones out.   I can’t wait to start our bathroom project.  It will be our last big remodel, but right now a quote from my favorite movie Waitress – I’m happy enough.