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Audrey Hepburn said it best…Paris is always a good idea.  But what else is always a good idea?  Sequins!  That’s right I’m all about rocking the sequins with this amazing Halogen Sequin Pencil Skirt.  This skirt is so gorgeous it was love at first sight!  I didn’t see my size on the rack and was literally undressing the mannequin it was on.  Priced at $89 this gorgeous skirt will easily become a staple item in your closet.  I mean there are just so many ways to wear this skirt.

I’ve worn this already countless times this past month and each time has been so fun, with compliments pouring in each time.  I’ve paired it with a black turtle neck, a blazer, a cashmere sweater, and my favorite combo is with a graphic tee and denim jacket.  This is the exact combo I wore recently to the Nordstrom holiday party and ladies were constantly stopping me with praise.  Yeah!  That’s right sequins are fun and they get the party started!  I love paring casual tops with the glitz of the sequins, but hey…don’t go thinking this sequin skirt is just for the holidays.  No way, you can rock a sequin skirt any day of the year, they are that versatile!  Versatility is what draws me into adding pieces to my wardrobe.

The skirt zips up the back and has just a slight stretch.  As far as fit goes I found it true to size with a bit on the generous side.  It was also available in black but in the blink of an eye it was gone.  That’s cool with me because I have a thing for silver  anyway – I mean this skirt will go with anything.  But I will be checking back to see if the black is restocked, because I don’t know…can you ever have enough sequin skirts?  I’ll keep you updated.  This skirt demands love and attention and like I said, sequins are always a good idea!


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