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I hope everybody has a fabulous Saturday!  Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids, so even though it’s not officially winter yet they’re on winter break until January.  Yay – I miss my big babies when they’re at school all day.  If you’re wondering what we’re doing while you’re reading this we’re driving to Colorado!  It’s going to be 5 adults, 2 teenagers, and my 2 year old niece!  Pray for us…it’s a long drive!!  I can’t wait to share our adventures with you, but as busy as I am it will probably be after Christmas, if you follow me on Instagram I’ll be sure to show you some sneak peaks of all the fun were having.

Our fall has been jammed packed with activities so we’ve been using our fire pit lately to relax and unwind from it all.  We’ve had a few random freezing cold days but for the most part in Fort Worth the weather has been pretty mild.  Nights are cool and crisp…perfect for having an outdoor fire.  Life just seems a little easier outside with a fire ya know?.  Sometimes we’ll come out here with a drink, gather around the fire, and all our stress just melts away.  Staring into a fire is just good for the soul and I love our nights out here.

Earlier this year on the blog I went into detail about the planning of our backyard, if you missed the original blog post about our Fire Pit be sure and read it, it has all the details about the planning and the fire pit kit we purchased, it was a great investment.  The kids love to make smores, they have so much fun, we laugh when we catch our marshmallow on fire, we cry when our marshmallow falls into the fire, and we smile when make the perfect smores.

We use our fire pit area pretty much all year long except the intense peak of summer, but this time of year is ideal, it’s our favorite.  These adirondack chairs are just about the most comfortable chairs ever.  I honestly think I could sleep in them, they’re made from Polywood which is a recycled lumber product.  They’re completely maintenence free, we’ve had them outdoors about 18 months, always uncovered and they still look brand new.  We purchased matching side tables and footstools are also available.

I also like to make my Slow Cooker Apple Cider on cool nights like this…you can make the naughty or the nice version.  Brian and I Iike the naughty version – haha, which is port wine added for me and a little rum for him.  To make our fire pit nights easier I keep some plastic bins over on the covered patio.  One is filled with blankets and another with fire pit essentials, like fire starters, lighters, & roasting sticks.  It’s great wrapping in our outdoor blankets, they’re so cozy.  We put them back into the plastic bin when we’re done which is nice, it helps keep them clean.  If you’re thinking about building a fire pit using a kit I give you 2 thumbs up on this one.  You’ll love it!  Until next time my friends…