You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for the perfect black tote…I’m talking at least a year.  I’ve looked at so many black totes from all different price points, yet I couldn’t pull the trigger because none truly felt right.  I had a hard list of requirements.

First off, it had to be solid, I love my Louis Vuitton Neverful MM and find it to be the perfect size tote for my needs but I wanted something solid black.  I wanted a no brainer just grab and go type tote that would go with everything.

It also had to be a high quality leather, but be tough as nails.  I really baby my handbags but I knew this tote would get used hard.  I can’t have a tote that would have delicate leather that scratches easily.  Also I needed the leather to be sturdy so I wouldn’t have to worry about the leather bag stretching out when it weighed 80 pounds.   Ok, maybe it doesn’t weigh 80 pounds but when I have it full of all my stuff it certainly feels like it sometimes…. haha.

I needed it to have an interior pocket.  This can be surprisingly challenging with a majority of totes today.  Lots come with a  detachable pochette inside the bag, and that can be a great feature but I held firm on getting the interior pocket.

Last it needed some top of closure.  I didn’t want a zipper because I knew I would be in and out of the bag, plus zippers can add weight to the bag.  But I still needed a hook or snap so the top of the bag wouldn’t gape open.

So like I said after at least a year of looking I stumbled upon the new Tory Burch McGraw Leather Tote and it was love at first sight!  The leather is soft and scrumptious yet it’s tough.  I’ve been carrying it a lot this past month, not babying it at all and it still looks brand new!  I think the shoulder straps are a great length to carry over your shoulder, even with a thick coat.  The bag itself is pretty light weight…that is until I load it up – ha! The top has an adjustable hook and I love the cute little hassle!  I’ll show you below how much I can pack into this thing.  I just have to vent about all high end designer totes I looked at that had a raw edge at the top of the bag, I noticed this with both canvas and leather bags.  It makes the bag feel so cheap and flimsy…cough cough…Saint Laurent…Givenchy.  This Tory Burch tote has a nice leather stitched top and glazed edge.

I’m able to fit my MacBook, iPad, camera, large water bottle, wallet, makeup bag and a book.  Plus there is plenty of space on top to throw in a scarf, sunglasses and miscellaneous items the kids hand me.  I use the interior pocket to store my keys and phone.  It’s perfect for travel or everyday life, also to all the Louis Vuitton fans out there the size is very similar to the Nevefull MM.  This is seriously such a great tote and the interior has that scrumptious leather smell.  It’s dreamy…

Right now the Tory Burch McGraw Leather Tote is available in 4 colors, including a dreamy gold color and a soft pink that would be gorgeous for spring!


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