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Happy New Year!  This is going to be the year of YOU.  Which way are you going?  What are your dreams?  Are you happy?  I’m not talking about the same ol’ same ol’ New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t know about you but just hearing the words New Year’s resolution stresses me out, and I feel it sets me up for failure.  I’m talking about something so much more….something deeper.

Maybe last year was a great year for you, or maybe it was difficult.  Maybe you need to make small changes or big ones.  Life is all about ups and downs, and even if things are going great there is still room for improvement in all of us.  To those who have struggled or just need life-change it starts now.  What direction are you going to go?  You must choose.



What are the goals or life changes you want to make this year?  When we were recently in Estes Park I told Brian to stop the car because I wanted to take pictures in the road.  It sounded crazy at the time but I saw so much meaning in this moment, not just for me but for you.

We each have a path.  Life is like a road and no matter what life hands us we make a conscious choice to move forward, backwards, or to stand still.  The fear of change and failure will consume your life and set you back if you let it.  Change starts now….we are all going to move forward up the road, together.

I have felt very vulnerable this year.  Nervous and fearful….much like sitting in the middle of a road.  It’s been a struggle, I had a big birthday, started a blog, my kids are growing up, and family members are passing away.  I’ve done lots of soul searching.  Every insecurity I’ve ever had has come flooding back to me this year, as well as 1,000 new ones.  I sit back and think of all the good times I had over the last year and goals I accomplished….but I can’t help to think of my failures.  I guess it’s human nature.  A few things I worked really hard to achieve this year did not happen.

It makes me a bit sad but I’m not going to dwell on these things.  What I am going to do is get myself up out of the road, move forward, and try harder, and you should too.  None of us are perfect or will ever be, but we can absolutely without a doubt improve ourselves and try to be the best we can be.

You may have already known this from some previous blog posts, but I’m a major list person.  I thrive on lists and I can’t function without them.  My advice to you in making life changes is to start with a list.  It sounds basic I know, but the act of writing things down is very therapeutic and it helps to have a visual.  Think about what you need, I can’t tell you….we’re all different.  Do you have problems in your life and you desperately need change?  Do you have dreams you want to achieve?  Write it down, write it all down.  This is how change starts.  Identify areas in your life that need work and put a plan into action, not later but NOW.  The changes may be big or little, it doesn’t matter.  The point is to solve them and become a better you this year.  It will happen and YOU CAN DO IT.




There is nothing you can’t do this year, however big or small.  It will be the year of YOU, the year of you because you make it happen.  It may take hard work but it will pay off.  I want to leave you one final piece of advice.  Before real change and work can happen it all starts with a positive mindset.  Negativity will only set you back.  Positive mind = positive life.  It’s time to get to work my friends.  Let’s make this the best year ever.  Ready, set, go….