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Today’s blog post is all about leopard baby!  I remember the first time I noticed leopard print, it was instant love for me.  I’m trying to remember when my intense love for leopard started, and I’d have to say probably the mid 90’s.  The history of leopard print and fashion actually go way back to the 1920’s, so I’d say it’s here to stay.  I mean leopard print has always been around since the beginning of time if you think about it…I bet cavemen and women were wearing it and I bet they looked great.

Over the years there have been times it’s dwindled I guess in popularity, but one thing is certain – leopard always claws its way back to the top.  Think about why so many women, including myself, are so obsessed with this print.  The leopard animal is strong, it is beautiful, bold, and confident.  I sometimes joke I need something leopard on me at all times….when I see leopard my heart just flutters and I get happy.  I think as women when we find something that makes us feel that good we need to run with it!

I am pretty much always on the lookout for leopard print items.  It’s such a great neutral pattern that looks good with pretty much any color, and it mixes well with many other patterns too – floral and stripes are my favorites to mix in.  I kid you not when I say I search for new leopard print items several times a month at my favorite stores, not just clothing but also for my home.  A few days ago while organizing my photos the ones with me wearing leopard kept catching me eye, so that inspired me to write this blog post.  Enjoy some of my favorite leopard shoppable looks below!

Faux fur coat (similar) | Jeans | Bag | Booties 

Sweater | leopard shirt | Bag | Necklace (similar)

Denim Jacket | Scarf (similar) | Watch 

Jeans | Booties | Tote (similar) | Tee | Vest