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We’re getting back into the swing of things when it comes to home updates.  If you ever read my original post on Making My Office I mentioned how much I wanted to add french doors to this area.  Well, I’m happy to announce we finally did this!  I mean it’s made such a dramatic impact…it’s completely changed the look of the office, entry-way, and even in the dining room.  Plus it was not an expensive home upgrade at all. Those stripes we’re fun for a while but I painted over them a while back.  Here are the before photos:

We chose the Builders Choice 48×80 Prehung French Doors from Home Depot. Ok, these were actually installed the week before Thanksgiving and they just sat there for a while.  I thought it would be a quick weekend job but that’s not exactly how things went down.  We were both too busy to finish the project, we chose the worst possible time for a home project!

So Christmas came and went with the doors sitting like this.  I kept the doors open so this eye sore was mostly hidden.  In the meantime I slapped a little paint up just as a visual because I was so excited.

So like I said, this sat until December 26th when I suddenly turned into the Energizer Bunny.  I’m not kidding, for 3 straight days I worked nonstop on these doors.  I wanted them to look perfect, and I quickly learned the plastic film on the glass was a nightmare.  Yes it helped keep paint off the glass but when I went to remove the plastic it was stuck in the corners of every glass pane and it caused the paint to look bumpy.  I had to get a razor blade, cut all the plastic edges sticking out, carefully sand by hand, and repaint around every glass edge.  Painting these doors were straight up a project from Hell.  I was so miserable I told Brian I never wanted to paint anything again in my entire life.

We also had to touch up the wall texture and paint because switching out doors is never a simple pop in and out project!  The baseboard still has a tiny gap (which we forgot about lol) but that’s a very easy fix we’ll have done soon.  Are you ready for a finished photo?

Ta-da!  By the way how cute is this gold pineapple?  It holds an airplant.  I bought this pineapple at Trendz, one of my favorite stores in Estes Park, over vacation.  I bought this set of airplants from Amazon.  Fingers crossed I keep it alive….my other houseplants seems to be hating me right now.  You would think I could manage to keep an airplant alive….time will tell.

I absolutely love the result!  Total I think we spent about $420, that includes the doors, tax, paint, and supplies.  Not bad at all I’d say.  All our trim, doors and cabinets are painted with with Benjamin Moore White Dove, except the kitchen cabinets, they’re painted in White Chocolate.

I also added a few more details to the office, the Je t’aime sculptural artshag pillow, and floor lamp.

I love these doors, but I do have one issue with them.  If you look at the glass each piece is stamped with a logo.  Every single one!  I was so upset and I didn’t even notice this until we removed the plastic film.  After researching this on the internet I found out all tempered glass must be stamped, so any new doors with glass will have this.  There is just no way around it.  If you have older french doors that do not have this then you’re lucky.

Another great benefit of having these french doors is that I can shut them and still get light into the entryway.  These french doors feel really solid plus they open and close very smooth.

It’s completely changed the look of the entire house from all angles.  It might of been a hassle to paint but it was a great investment.  I’m so happy with the look and I’ve almost forgotten the torture I went through painting them…no more painting projects for me for a little bit!  So what do you think?


Floor Lamp | Wing Chair | Desk | Desk Chair | Art PrintsMannequin | Shag Pillow | Jetaime | Rug

Dining Room

Chandelier | Candle Holders | Slipcover | Iron Plaque  | Parson Chair