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Yes…that was a long title.  “Finding That Perfect Date Night Top That’s Not Only Flattering But On Trend”.  Dude, I could have even made it longer…I also considered “The Best Flirty Top That Will Hide Your Post Holiday Muffin Top”.  Seriously, can you tell how much I love this top?

But really, it’s not every day you find a top that’s not only flattering, but incredibly feminine and on trend – all that and affordable???  Sold.  Several colors are available including pink, and it’s really hard for me to turn down pink, but I’ve just been seeing red lately.  Am I missing Christmas…or I’m ready for an early Valentines Day?  I don’t know but the color red has been strong on my mind lately.

Off shoulder and embellished sleeves are still going strong and these looks are headed right into spring fashion.  Another thing I love about this top is the comfort.  Off shoulder tops have been going strong for a while now and there’s nothing more I hate than having one of these tops that’s not comfortable.  A few issues I’ve had is not being to reach or move my arms, and ugh….even worse than that, when you reach or move and the top moves off your shoulders and you have to constantly pull it down!  Don’t worry ladies!  This one stays well in place!

What do you think?  This gorgeous top is affordable, flattering, versatile, sexy, darling, feminine and on trend!  I’m wearing my usual size and free shipping!!!  Like I said, so many gorgeous colors are available – it was a hard choice but I’ve got red on my mind!


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