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 Cardigan (similar look Here )| TankJeansBelt | Tote | Boots (similar) | Earrings

Cardigan (similar-same brand) | Tee | Jeans | Belt | ToteBoots (similar)Earrings 

Dress | Wrap (similar) | ToteBoots (similar) | Earrings

When it comes to putting outfits together one of my favorite color combinations is brown with black.  I used to think mixing these two colors together wasn’t acceptable.  I can’t believe there was ever a point in my life when I felt I couldn’t wear this combination!  Now I feel completely the opposite – it’s a favorite!

Take a look at my outfits above and notice how the contrast of the brown adds visual interest.  I can’t get enough of this combo!  Imagine all the brown accessories being black – it’s kind of dull and lacking.  Don’t get me wrong, I do wear and appreciate monotone outfits, especially solid black, it’s so chic – but most of the time I crave more contrast.

It’s hard when these old fashion rules you heard growing up sometimes get stuck in your head.  The idea that black and brown don’t go together is crazy, they’re both neutrals!  Black is so classy and it’s without a doubt a staple color in my closet, and I love the earthy richness that’s created when I combine brown.  I’m so glad all these silly fashion rules have been thrown out the window!

As I sit here typing this blog post in my office I see my daughter walking home from school up to the house.  She’s wearing a black sweater, black skirt, and brown boots.  I didn’t see what she was wearing this morning before she headed off and we had a good laugh when I told her I was writing a blog post on that exact combo.  Black and brown actually go together very well, along with several other combinations you wouldn’t expect.  What are some of your favorite color combinations?