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I don’t know about you, but growing up I hated turtlenecks – any time my mom dressed me in one I thought it was punishment.  I’m here to tell ya times have changed, and I now love the turtleneck!

Again, like The Perfect Trench Coat I recently talked about, this is another essential – the black turtleneck.  When it comes to finding the perfect black turtleneck we all have different requirements.  I usually go for the thinner ones for several reasons.   I live in Texas and we usually have mild winters, the lighter the material the less I feel like somethings wrapped around my neck, and the thinner the top the easier it is to layer.

This baby is truly a classic – I mean can you even count the ways to wear it?  No, you can’t.  This trusty staple will work hard for you!  It doesn’t matter if you’re taking on the bare essentials wardrobe approach or you’re a fashionista who loves to wear everything.  Worn with jeans, it gives a classic daytime look that can easily go to nighttime chic with the swap of a few accessories.  Another favorite is when paired with skirts – pencil skirts, midi skirts, and sequin skirts are all looks I adore.  Bottom line…the black turtleneck is still workin’ it and oh so versatile!

I happen to be loving this turtleneck I’m currently wearing.  It’s light, comfortable, and moves with me.  Gone are the days of hot and uncomfortable turtlenecks – I’d say they’ve had a makeover!  It’s one of the best wardrobe investments ever.  A true staple from fall, to winter, to spring….yes I said spring.  Black is always a wise choice, and with lighter fabric you can absolutely wear it into spring, plus let’s not forget short sleeved and sleeveless turtlenecks!

I tend to always wear my hair down in blog photos because I think it appears more photogenic, but a hair favorite of mine is a turtleneck combined with a ponytail or a bun with statement earrings.  Such a gorgeous look, try it you’ll see.


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