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Taking outfit photos for the blog has been a fun experience, but also one crazy ride.  From trying to find great locations and changing in the car, to people staring at you wondering what the heck you’re doing.  I recently met up with another local blogger who lives close by and we took photos for each other.  I had to share this cute story with you….

We decided to shoot in front of these gorgeous townhomes.  They’re all stunning, 3 stories tall with gorgeous front doors.  A few of them you can get just a glimpse through the window and they’re just as stunning inside.  We went up and down the sidewalk taking turns, we probably spent close to 2 hours doing this.  Every now and then someone would walk by and we would stop – trying to look normal until they left.

Most of the doors on the townhomes were black and very similar, but this gorgeous gray door kept catching my eye, check it out below…’s even better in person.  This was one of the townhomes I could see a little inside from the window out front.  Inside it was perfectly decorated with brightly painted beautiful artwork hanging up.

So we both take turns in front of the door, posing.  We start getting a little braver and take turns sitting on the steps.  Take a look at this photo below….and I’ll tell you what happened next.


I’m sitting here and about 10 seconds after this photo was taken I hear the door unlock behind me.  It’s a heavy steel door so it was loud, I instantly jumped up and turned around saying “I’m sorry” without even really looking at the person.  I finally look up and I see the most lovely women standing there with perfect hair and paint splattered clothes.

“Oh, its fine,” she said.  “People take photos here all the time, it’s very popular with couples and brides.  I’ve been watching you two out here all morning” – WHAT??  I felt like a massive weirdo.  “Are you a painter?” I asked.  Looking down at her paint splattered clothes she said “How can you tell?”  Now I love her even more because I’m also fluent in sarcasm.  Then she says she has a present for us.  She gave us each a lovely hand-painted Valentine’s Day card, she said Papyrus sometimes carries them online.

I told her how gorgeous her home looked through the window and she invited us in for a tour!  She introduced herself as Deanna Kienast and she creates gorgeous paintings that she sells through galleries and her website  She designs a lot of art for local athletes she said.  People just describe their vision and she is always able to capture it!

I asked her if a magazine has ever featured her home and she said yes, a few.  I only wish I would have had the courage to ask her if I could photograph it, it was immaculate, complete with a wine cellar and elevator with the same matching metal door as the outside.  She was such a nice, friendly, talented lady….I thought this was just too cute of a story not to share!  Go to her website and take a look at some of her gorgeous art!