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Let’s talk favorite hair care products.  I don’t know about you but I’m always on the lookout for the next hair product that will magically solve all my problems and make my hair perfect.  Often times I’ll buy a product and after using it a few weeks, maybe a month, I move on to another product because I’m not that impressed.  I’m sure you’ve had that problem too!  When it comes to hair products, you can definitely say I’m a junkie!  I get my hair done at Zoya Salon and they have turned me on to some amazing products!  Let me show you my current favorites!


Kevin Murphy Body Mass

I started using this product 18 months ago and it has dramatically improved my hair.  I have a few areas where hair just doesn’t grow well on my head.  The top of my head towards the back and around both of my ears. It’s not hair loss but lack of growth & breakage.  I was told this product has the same hair growth ingredients as eyelash growth serums.  I have definitely seen an improvement with this.  I’m quick to suggest this product to anyone who seems to be struggling with slow hair growth or hair loss.  When you first start using this product use it 2 weeks straight on your areas of concern.  On wet or dry hair – I know we don’t all wash our hair every day.  After 2 weeks use it just after your usual shampoo and conditioner and style as you normally would 2-3 times a week.  After a few months you’ll see results.


Kevin Murphy Angel Masque

This is a great conditioning hair masque.  Sometimes I sleep in it, other times I’ll put on a shower cap and leave it on as long as possible throughout the day.  It’s a great conditioner, just be sure to rinse it out really well.  The only negatives I’ve experienced have to do with me not rinsing it out well.  It has that nice clean scent I’ve come to love with all Kevin Murphy products.


Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue

Want your hair repaired overnight while you sleep?  This product is it!  Just apply evenly before bed, then shampoo and condition the following morning, like you normally would.  Every time I use this product my hair blow dries like silk.  I’ve been working on the same bottle over a year now, so it lasts a long time.


Virtue Recovery Shampoo

Virtue is a line of hair care products I’ve recently been introduced to, with excellent results.  I do alternate with my shampoos, but this a current favorite now.  The recovery line is great for stressed out hair like mine.  The shampoo works to repair damage with each wash, leaving my hair soft and healthy.  I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair just the few weeks I’ve been using this.


Virtue Full Conditioner

What?  Not using the conditioner that matches your shampoo?  Yeah, my salon tells me this is perfectly acceptable, but do they realize my OCD?  The Virtue Full Conditioner was recommended to me because it has more hydration.  Whether you use the Recovery or the Full line I think you’ll be happy!  Virtue gives me smooth moisturized hair without weighing it down.


Virtue The Perfect Ending Split End Serum

Because I love using so many hair products and I have so many hair needs I’ll share a secret with you.  Don’t just mindlessly apply them all over your head.  Use them as spot treatments.  With any leave-in treatments I usually just use them to the areas in need, otherwise it’s easy to get product overload.  I use this product specifically where I have well known split end issues.  The ends of my hair, and specifically the shorter layers in my hair, get the most abuse!


Unite Blonda Shampoo

I’m forever getting reminded by the girls at the salon to use my purple shampoo.  So many things can turn blonde hair brassy!  I love this shampoo because it seems less drying than other purple shampoos and it’s very effective with the brassies!  It also smells good, just like the grape cold medicine I would give to my kids when they were “sick” lol.  You can use it straight or mix 50/50 with another favorite shampoo.


Unite 7seconds Condition

On wet or dry hair it’s so great!  I use this product to detangle and hydrate as needed after washing.  It’s also a life saver in between hair washing days, when my ends start to feel dry.  I’ll use this lightly on the ends and other dry trouble spots I have.  You can just spray on the areas needing moisture, but my favorite way to apply this is to spray on my palm, rub my hands together, and apply.


Unite Second Day Finishing Cream

This is my hair’s best friend!  A hair essential for me first day, second day, third day….all the time I need this product.  I will forever have the frizz on top of my head and I’m constantly reaching for this!  It makes my hair behave!

Have any favorite of your own?  Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to check it out.  XOXO