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Saturday I spent most of the day in Dallas, and luckily I got to stop by Neiman Marcus during their Beauty Event.  Originally I went there for a Tata Haper facial – which I’ll be updating you soon on, their products are awesome – but then I became so excited when I realized I came during the first day of the Beauty Event.  You know me, I love samples & trying new products!!!  With a minimum beauty purchase of $125 you can choose from 3 totes:  white, navy, or pink – team pink!  Upgrade to a $325 purchase and you also get a Lancome Primer and Mascara.  First off, the tote is so cute!  It’s going to be a great summer tote.  So I’ve already started sampling all the products and I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

So what’s in the bag?  I’ll tell ya…



I really likes this, it swiped on clear and was kind of like hairspray for my lashes.  After it dried I used mascara.  It definitely made my mascara pop a lot more & my lashes looked more defined.  I’m not sure how long the tube will last, but I can absolutley see myself purchasing this.



Ok, after using the Cils Booster above I did the Lancome mascara on one eye and my trusty Chanel Le Volume on the other side.  I started with the Lancome and it went on a little rough, as in it felt like it was snagging over the Cils Booster, but in the end I thought lashes looked good, hated the brush though.  Then I used the Chanel mascara and it glided on smooth over the Cils Booster, the Chanel eye looked best I thought.  My sis keeps telling me to try Clarins, it’s on my list!



I love this gloss, the sample comes in #312 sugar sugar.  It reminds see of my MAC C-Thru lipglass, this shade is slightly deeper with a hint of shimmer.  The gloss is so moisturizing and not at all sticky.  It layers beautifully over my pink lipstick, it also looks good alone if you’re wanting a pale nude lip.  Definite purchase for me, I’ll probably purchase soon so I can keep one in my purse and one in my makeup drawer.



Honestly I’m not sure I should use this.  The last thing I need to do is get hooked on a $24 box of luxury skin cotton.  I did read reviews at Nordstrom and people love it, which again leads me to believe I shouldn’t use it – ha!  I will not – I repeat – will not get hooked on $24 cotton.  I’ll probably throw this in my sample box and use it on vacation like I do a lot of my samples.  Cle de Peau does have excellent products though, their concealer is incredible.  It’s my BFF when taking photos.



I recently found an eye cream I love by Neocutis and purchased a bottle so I’m not really looking, but Guerlain products are top notch and I was excited to try it.  It was very hydrating and I noticed a firming effect.  If you don’t mind shelling out $200 for an eye cream I think you’ll love it.  It’s the same cost as La Mer eye cream, which I’m not impressed with at all.  Since it said eye and lip cream after applying it under the eyes I dabbed the remaining on my lips.  I can’t tell it did much to my lips, my concealer went on smoothly over the eye cream.  Sometimes that can be a problem for me.



Again, not looking for a foundation.  I’m happy with Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Foundation, it works for my oily skin but I did use the Armani sample anyway.  The color was a little dark, I always find it odd when a foundation sample is given away.  I mean what are the odds the color will match most women?  Like I said, although a little dark for me it felt silky and weightless on my face and my skin felt so smooth.  It definitely lived up to its name.  I can see other women with dryer skin loving this.



I’m always trying to score Oribe samples, so I was so excited that this was included.  I can’t get over how good this smells.  It felt so rich and silky on my skin in the shower.  I’m using this one up slowly because I don’t want it gone!



Again, the smell….it’s just incredible!  I’m seriously battling winter dry skin right now and my thirsty dry skin just soaked this up.  My skin felt so silky smooth, I definitely want to purchase both the body wash and the creme.  I have a Neiman Marcus gift card from a promotional sale in January that should be arriving in a few weeks and I’ll be using it to purchase this!  NM has another gift card promo going on now until 2/14 so hurry!


Overall I’d say most of these bonus gifts were great finds!  Oh, buy the way did you know to quality for the Beauty Event Gift besides purchasing the usual cosmetics, skincare, and perfume that candles and hand soap count too?  If I’m ever not needing much but want the free gift I use the time to stock up on those household items.  I adore Niven Morgan Hand Soap – I love every scent of his except Jean Baptiste.

Don’t forget about free shipping and returns, the Beauty Event lasts until 2/25/18.  Plus with code BESTFEB you can earn a gift card between $75-$1,500, the Gift Card Event only lasts until 2/14 though, sometimes they’ll extend a promo so be watching.  I’ll update you next week with my Tata Harper finds!