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Hey there, happy weekend!  I’ve got a massive case of spring fever…and a lot of little updates and things on my mind.  So how about a little spring chit chat?  Grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about what’s going on.


Seeing my tulips bloom gets me so excited!  I didn’t go overboard like last year but they’re still gorgeous and I’m happy to see them.  I have no idea how tulip bulbs should be planted in other parts of the world.  What I was taught to do living in Texas, Fort Worth specifically, is to buy the bulbs and refrigerate no later than mid to late October, or Halloween.  Plant between Christmas and New Years Day, and then after Valentine’s Day they come up.  Any locals in the same zone just remember the holidays, Halloween, Christmas/New Years, and Valentines Day.  FYI I don’t save the bulbs, I throw them away and start over every year.  Tulips are really the only bulbs I have experience with.  Are there any other bulbs I’m missing out on?  Let me know!


Readers who’ve been with me for a while know how much our master bedroom window over our bed was driving us crazy.  If you haven’t read the original post you can do so HERE.  I’m so thrilled with the results!  All I ever wanted was to hang some lovely art over my bed, not have a glare on my TV, and not have the neighbor’s motion light wake me up at 2 am.  Problem solved!  For crying out loud we have 3 other large windows in our room, so it was completely unnecessary anyway.  If you’re curious about the DIY wall art you can read HERE.


Hmm…this has been a tough one for me.  I had mentioned during the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event blog post that I had a Tata Harper facial and it how incredible it felt, I bought a lot of products.  Then I had a severe reaction from them.  I will never put something on my blog that I don’t 100% believe in, but I know that just because I had a reaction doesn’t mean you will.  I’ve never been known to have big skin sensitivities to products, but less than 24 hours after the facial and using the products I had an itchy rash pop up all over my face.  Normally any leftover skin care products on my finger tips I rub on the tops on my hands.  My hands broke out in a rash too.  I stopped using the products and my skin started to clear up almost instantly.  I took a photo of my ugly rash face, but I really don’t want it on the blog.

To make matters worse Neiman Marcus was extremely difficult when I tried to return the products.  They told me they will not take back opened beauty products.  I showed them my rash face and they couldn’t have cared less.  The manager asked me if I tried the products in store and I said yes.  She then asked why I bought them if they bothered my skin.  Um….because it was not an instant reaction.  Even Brian pointed out that a poison ivy reaction isn’t instant.  To my frustration Nordstrom, Sephora, and the Tata Harper website all sell the same products and offer a full refund without questions.  Lots of unpleasant conversations went back and forth, it wasn’t until I threatened them with a lawsuit that they refunded me – actually they only gave me a gift card back as reimbursement so it wasn’t a total win for me, but I was tired and wanted to move on.

Tata Harper is an organic, high-end, luxury skin care line, if you do decide to use the products I encourage you to go through Nordstrom or Sephora.  Lots of people love the line, I don’t.  Am I suggesting you should stop shopping at Neiman Marcus?  No, not at all, just be careful when purchasing cosmetics and skincare if you’re unfamiliar with the products.  I’ve learned my lesson with them.  The entire situation was absurd though.


Last year I blogged How To Create A Wheatgrass Centerpiece, so I’m here now to remind you it’s the perfect time to grow wheatgrass for spring or Easter!  You have no idea how easy it is to grow!  You just need some seeds, a container, small rocks or pebbles, and soil. I bought these seeds from Amazon, it’s a huge bag that will last a long time and under $13.   I’m using old soil from the garden, it doesn’t have to be new top shelf soil, and the pebbles (for drainage) I buy a bag for $1 at the Dollar Tree, they’re in the craft/floral area.  You can use any container you want to grow the seeds.  It’s perfect, easy, inexpensive spring decor….you could even grow real grass in your kids Easter baskets if you line the baskets with plastic.  Gosh….I may just try that.  Wheatgrass grows fast, it’s bushy and tall in less than 10 days!


Photo by Adam Wilson @fourcolourblack, Edinburgh, UK

Last I wanted to talk about travel season!  I’m so excited about spring and summer travels, and now is the time to book those trips.  For spring break we’re taking a road trip to New Orleans with the kids.  A funny unplanned thing is my sister Julie will happen to be in NOLA the same time we are.  Sounds fun!  We also booked a trip to Scotland in August (no kids yay!) and we’re both so excited.  My husband’s family has a castle in Scotland, The Inverness Castle, and we’ve always wanted to visit it.  We’ve got a few other little trips planned in between too, so more trips and travel tips will be up before you know it!  If you have any ideas for us for travel to New Orleans or Scotland then let me know.

That’s all my chit chat for today.  Have a beautiful weekend and I’ll see ya next week.