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Let’s talk jewelry.  Like many other women, I adore shopping for jewelry.  I love how taking a few jewelry pieces big or small can set the tone of an outfit.  It’s a perfect way to express yourself, and when you’re having a bad day a new necklace or earrings always fit!  I’ve learned the hard way when I’m having bad body image days to never try on clothes – especially jeans and bathing suits!!!  No, but seriously, shopping for jewelry and then wearing my favorites is such a happy experience for me.  Another benefit of a well stocked jewelry collection is how I can take an outfit I’m so sick of wearing and with different jewelry accessories I can get a completely new look.  It’s almost like an entire new outfit.  So let’s talk about some of my favorite designers, some I’ve followed for years, others I just discovered recently.


I’ve seriously cut back on a lot of reality tv, but I will never give up Southern Charm…it’s my favorite reality show – EVER.  Cameron on the show would always wear the most gorgeous, eye catching earrings that I would lust over every episode.  It took me a while to track down what she was wearing, but I finally did.  Lisi Lerch, she’s a common designer but surprisingly a few years ago I had never heard of her.  She has gorgeous jewelry but I’m mostly drawn to her earrings.  They’re bold, make a statement, and they aren’t heavy at all.  I won’t do heavy earrings.  Now if only a Lisi Lerch store would open in Dallas or Fort Worth I’d be in heaven!

Gold Earrings | Polka dot dress | Clutch


I just discovered Karine Sultan and I’m in love with nearly everything I’ve seen of hers.  The gold earrings I just love to death! The silver earrings on the right are big but not heavy at all, they also come in a gorgeous gold, but I’ve been looking for a pair of silver statement earrings that I liked for so long that I went with silver.  The necklace is pretty fun to wear too and it also comes in gold.  Her designs are also reasonably priced, both earrings here are around $50.

Gold Earrings | Pink tee | Silver Earrings | Silver necklace



Dependable Nadri, always looks great whether you’re casual or formal.  They have great everything.  Some is bold and some is dainty.  I’m very fond of their crystal hoop earrings in gold and silver and also their bracelets.

Silver hoops | Black dress  | Shoes | Bag


Anything Baublebar is pretty awesome, plus it’s reasonably priced.  Not only is the jewelry always perfectly on trend, it’s so eye catching.  From bright colorful earrings to gorgeous statement necklaces, I love it all.

Black cardigan | Black tank | Black & white necklace | White top | Gold flower earrings


You can always find Kate Spade jewelry on sale somewhere, I hardly ever pay full price for it.  Lots of gorgeous statement necklaces are available, but I’m especially fond of her earrings and bracelets.  The bracelets look amazing layered up, and her earrings range from simple to bold, which I love.

Jeans | Bracelet one | Bracelet two | Jacket – only M & XL left


I love the simple clean aesthetics of Gorjana jewelry.  You see me wear these earrings to death I know.  What I specifically love about the earrings is how weightless they feel, and with the round design they never catch in my hair or snag my scarf.  I bought these pieces years ago and they’re still in perfect condition.  I always reach for Gorjana when I want a clean, simple modern look.  Nearly all the jewelry pieces are made in gold, silver, and rose gold.

Gold earrings | Pink top | Silver earrings | Silver necklace


Living in Texas you can’t go far without seeing Kendra Scott.  I absolutely adore her new designs! I recently went to the Kendra Scott store nearby and the design your own Color Bar was so much fun!  No worries if you aren’t near a store because you can play around with The Color Bar online!



Kenneth Jay Lane has long been a jewelry obsession of mine, his jewelry is just gorgeous!  The designer who trained under Chriatian Dior and had designed jewelry for celebrities and royalty is sadly no longer with us, but his jewelry lives on.  Some pieces can be a little pricey – in the typical level with other upscale jewelry designers – I’ve noticed his pieces do get clearanced out to low prices.  His jewelry line is still simply stunning and incredibly well made, anything of his should have amazing style and last a long time.

Black Cardigan | Striped dress | Chain necklace | Gold Bracelet | Pearl necklace | Tweed jacket (sold out similar)

Black pantsBlack tank

Alexis Bittar is another favorite (not shown), but I don’t have that many pieces of his.  A lot of his jewelry is out of my price range, but I do adore his smaller more reasonably priced jewelry.  Anthropologie deserves a mention because they also have great jewelry pieces as well.

I wouldn’t say I have big sensitivities when it comes to earring metals, but I have had a few issues with some.  I’ve had an issue with a pair of Alexis Bitter earrings, and the silver pair of the Karine Sultain earrings did slightly itch my ear holes.  I recently discovered that if you paint the earring posts with clear nail polish and let dry that it creates a barrier.  Try the nail polish method first, if that doesn’t do it for you there is a product on Amazon called Jewelry Shield.  It’s similar to clear nail polish though.  If you try Jewelry Shield and you think it works better let me know, I’ve not tried it yet.

I hope you found some jewelry inspiration, do you have any designers for me to check out that I didn’t mention?  Leave them in the comments below!