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I think upcycling is really fun.  Nothing beats saving money and it’s such a great feeling to know your reusing an item before it gets thrown into the trash!  I love finding creative ways to reuse things, and when it comes to finding things to upcycle the sky is the limit!  Today I’m going to show you these 5 easy favorite items I love to reuse.


Stop throwing away those empty candle containers!  They’re just so pretty and they have so many uses!  All you need is to pour a little hot water into the containers and the wax residue comes right out.  Depending on the container size they have so many uses!  This Baies candle is one of my favorites from Diptyque.  Their containers are the perfect size to hold make-up brushes, but the sky’s the limit here!  You can also soak the labels off and then use them to hold plants, candy, and other little trinkets. You could also spray paint them gold for a little bit of glam.


I’ve been saving old glass bottles forever.  Most of the time I soak the label off, but not always.  The cute vase on the left would you believe was a bottle of sea salt, it has a really cute rustic farmhouse vibe used as a vase.  When I’m not using bottles of various sized for vases I love to display them outside on my bottle tree.  We have 3 bottles trees and I wish I had room for more.  Bottle trees are a southern tradition in the south, I don’t see them all that often but when I see someone else bottle tree I get so excited.  We save all kinds of glass bottles, the green Perrier water bottles and blue reisling bottles are my very favorite.  They look gorgeous when the sun lights them up.  This bottle tree was purchased from a little town in Central Texas, but I purchased my 2 others from Amazon.


These Cascadian Farms jelly jars my youngest daughter goes through like crazy.  The tall narrow shape fit perfectly in my spice cabinet.  Another benefit of reusing these jars for herbs and spices is it saves money on spices.  I buy herbs and spices in the bulk aisle of the grocery store for a fraction of the price.  Larger jars such as pickle jars work great for saving leftover food items without any worry of plastic toxins.


Old, ugly, or tattered books suddenly take on a whole new life with spray paint.  This gold book was really ugly, but with a little gold spray paint it’s suddenly great home decor.  Use painted books for interest or adding height when needed to a vignette.  You can use regular or spray paint, I’m partial to spray paint because it’s so fast – and yes, you can spray paint paperback books as well.

You can read my How To Create A Wheatgrass Centerpiece if you are curious how to do so.  You could grow wheatgrass in old candle containers too!  I love seeing the roots grow, it’s just as fun as watching the grass.


This last one has me really excited!  It’s spring which means seed starting season.  Last year we spent way too much money buying plants for our gardens so this year I’ll be starting all my vegetable and herb seeds from old coffee pods.  Even if you don’t have a vegetable garden you could start a flower garden for just pennies.  You can find seed packets easily from 50 cents to a dollar.  You can use the straight coffee grounds to start plants that like acidic soil, or use regular soil in the pod cups.  There is already a hole poked into the bottom of the pods for drainage from the coffee machine which makes this even better! Once you plant the seeds place them in a container and add a layer of saran wrap for a green house affect.

So these are my favorite throw away items to reuse, do you have any favorites?