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I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, and Happy April to you!  First of all before I get into the monthly loves I wanted to congratulate Sharen S. from Florida for winning the blog giveaway!  I really enjoyed doing this and I’ll be sure to do it again soon!  Thanks to everyone who signed up!  I love finding ways to thank my readers because without you I wouldn’t be here.  I plan to have another giveaway in a few months.

I’m so excited it’s April.  It’s my favorite month in the spring, living in Texas the weather is perfect, plus there is the anticipation of the school year ending and summer coming!  I guess you could say I’m caught a little between spring and summer, and my love list definitely reflects on that!  Things that have been catching my attention are light and fresh, and have whimsy and texture.  All the scents that grab my attention reflect on a little spring and summer as well.

1. BEADED BUMBLE BEE PILLOW – Sometimes to freshen up your home all you need are a few small items like seasonal pillows.  This vibrant pillow screams hello spring and summer!  This pillow would look great with almost any home decor and look great next to other patterned or solid colored pillows.  This is such a versatile cute find.

2. HELLO SUNSHINE STRAW HAT – I’ve bought a record number of straw hats lately.  I’m not a spring chicken so I must always protect my face.  However I insist I look cute while doing it!  This hello sunshine hat comes in so many other cute phrases plus so many cute options for the bride to be and her party.

3. TORY BURCH CIRCLE STUD EARRINGS – Summer always has me thinking gold.  I love some big statement earrings but sometimes you need a small classic choice.  Tory Burch’s logo makes the perfect choice when you want to go minimal, they’re also available in silver.

4. STRAW CIRCLE CROSSBODY BAG – I’ve been obsessed with straw bags lately.  From clutches, to big totes, to cross body versions like this one, I love how straw bags add a fun texture and a summery vibe to any outfit.  When you carry a straw bag it says hello I’m ready for summer now hand me a margarita.  At least thats the vibe I get – haha.  This one really drew me in with it’s pretty pink and black pattern too.  There is also a larger crossbody handheld version and a larger tote that are just as cute!

5. SPONGELLE HONEY BLOSSUM BODYWASH INFUSED BUFFER – While shopping this body wash buffer caught my eye just by the cute packaging, it was only once I picked it up I could smell the fragrance through the box!  The first time using it was a little stiff by now its softened up and dries out in between washes. I’ve really enjoyed using it, it says its good for 14 washes but mines gone over that and its still pretty sudsy.  These would be great to travel with (nothing to leak) and make great gifts.

6. POLKA DOT SUNGLASSES – I buy these every year, because who doesn’t love polka dots?  Nothing says fun as well as polka dots!  I buy these every year and have a blast wearing them.  Priced under $15 these are a steal!

7. PHILOSOPHY AMAZING GRACE BALLET ROSE PERFUME – Yeah right, like I need more perfume…but I tried a sample of this and it’s incredible.  It has a light rose floral smell and it lasts all day.  I’ve never found a Philosophy scent that was ever me until this one.  You need to try it!!

8. GOLD MERCURY VOTIVE SET  – I love how popular mercury glass is and I’ve mentioned before how I love to mix and match pieces to create a cool eclectic look.  I have plenty of silver, but gold can be a little harder to find.  I’ve really been enjoying this set of 6 in many ways, with candles, as small vases, and as containers to grow wheatgrass.  If you’re using as a vase or a plant container be sure and line with plastic or use a smaller glass container inside.

9. GRAPEFRUIT HANDSOAP – Can you believe we still had our fall pumpkin carmel hand soap out?  We wash our hands honest, so I’m not sure why it lasted so long but it’s March so bye bye pumpkins.  This grapefruit scent sold me, it smells so fresh and clean, plus it’s pink!

Wednesday on the blog I’ll be talking about one skincare product I think all women of all ages should be using.  Nope…it’s not sunscreen but another anti-aging skin favorite.  Take care friends.