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Happy Wednesday!  You may not know this but I’m a skincare junkie and a wannabe esthetician.  If there is a potent skincare ingredient or skincare gadget then I’ve probably heard about it and most likely I’ve used it.  Today I thought I’d start with my favorite….Vitamin C.

Let’s talk about Vitamin C serums shall we?  In the skincare world this powerhouse ingredient is an anti-aging superstar.  Rich with antioxidants, Vitamin C has incredible skin benefits.  When friends and family ask me what skincare products I suggest my number one pick is always a Vitamin C serum.  Skincare can get overwhelming – trust me I know.  Years ago when I was wanting to up my skincare game I was confused where to start.  After lots of research it became clear that Vitamin C had to make it’s way into my skincare routine.  Once it’s used regularly you will definitely see an improvement in your skin, and best of all Vitamin C is ideal for all skin types.



A HEALTHY BRIGHT SKIN TONE – We all want fresh bright looking skin at any age, and this product will certainly deliver.  Vitamin C will act as a mild exfoliate and speed up cell turnover, therefore correcting newer skin tones and increasing skin brightness.  You can use Vitamin C serums to fade sun spots, freckles, and to correct an uneven skin tone.

SPEEDING UP HEALING – Vitamin C will help heal small cuts and acne by reducing inflammation.  Plus it effectively helps speed healing and discoloration of scars, and it helps calm skin puffiness.  I’m living proof on this one!  I still have to deal with acne…Vitamin C not only helps to shrink my current breakouts but also fades the pesky left over pink spots.

KEEPING SKIN LOOKING YOUNGER – Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin is a major concern for women past a certain age.  A Vitamin C serum will boost collagen production, therefore creating a tightening effect and help smooth and fill in fine lines.  Heck yes!  We all want to stimulate collagen production!

HELPING TO MAINTAIN SKIN MOISTURE – Significant improvement in the skin’s hydration is another benefit of Vitamin C.  This is due to the collagen boosting effects which have shown to decrease rough skin textures and help the skin retain its moisture.


I’m listing my 4 favorite Vitamin C serums that I’ve used – they all have great benefits depending on your skin’s hydration needs and your budget.  I’ve listed them by price, starting with the highest and ending with the lowest.

JAN MARINI C-ESTRA –  I’m a long time Jan Marini fan and this has been my main go-to for a while now.  I’ve had excellent results with this serum, and I find it moisturizing without making my skin oily.  Jan Marini can be tricky to find, though.  Usually you’ll find it in a med spa environment; however, there are also some reputable websites where you can find her products, like the one I linked.  It does have a slight fragrance, which I love and have had no reaction to, but if your skin is sensitive to fragrance it’s something to consider.

SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. C + E ANTIOXIDANT PROTECT + REPAIR MOISTURIZER –  Another great product, it’s very moisturizing so I tend to use this more in the fall and winter – remember I’m in the oily skin club.  Those with dry skin would greatly benefit from this product.

RESIST C-15 SUPER BOOSTER –  This is the first Vitamin C serum I ever used and I’ve gone back to it many times.  Now that Nordstrom started carrying the line it’s a lot easier for me to order.  This formula is also fragrance free and very light, absorbing quickly into the skin.

VITAMIN C SERUM FOR FACE WITH RETINOL & PURE HYALURONIC ACID –  This is the least expensive and is a great way to start experimenting without a lot of cost.  This serum absorbs very quickly into the skin and is fragrance free (from what I can tell).  Because this serum is more affordable I’ll use it on other areas of my body such as my chest and the tops of my hands.  It’s not quite as hydrating as the others so be sure and use a moisturizer with it.


Serums are generally applied before moisturizers and creams.  You’ll want Vitamin C to be the first product you use on your skin after cleansing your face.  Once dried go ahead and layer any additional skincare products up and don’t forget sunscreen!  If you’ve never used topical Vitamin C before start slowly, apply it once a day, and build up to twice a day if your skin will tolerate it.  If you experience any dryness or peeling reduce to once a day or every other day until your skin adjusts.

One tip my esthetician told me is to stroke the product along my jaw up to behind my ear.  This will tighten and help slow skin sagging in this area, and keep it firm as long as possible.


Skin peeling and dryness can happen if you overuse, or use too much product.  This is temporary and will usually be resolved in a few days by taking some time off until your skin adjusts.  When I introduce a new product on my skin I try to do so slowly.  I would suggest starting with once a day and if your skin reacts well you can work up to twice a day.

There is also a lot of conflicting information about if you can use copper peptides with Vitamin C.  Most experts will tell you no they should not be used together because they cancel each other out.  Others have mentioned if only small amounts are used you’ll be ok.  I’ve mostly heard to avoid it though.  I don’t use copper peptides, if you do use them and want to introduce Vitamin C then research this and you can draw your own conclusion.  Or eliminate the copper, try out the Vitamin C serums, and decide which product gave you the best results.

Like any good skincare product that helps speed cell turnover it can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun.  Using a good sunscreen or wearing a hat is a must.  The last thing you want to do is erase all the hard work you’ve achieved with Vitamin C.

You can use Vitamin C serums with retinols and other active skincare ingredients, but you could experience more skin peeling or flaking.  I’ve just recently added a retinol into my skincare routine so my skin is adjusting to that.  So I’m using Vitamin C morning and night on day 1.  On day 2 I’m using Vitamin C only in the morning and using retinol only at night, and I’m alternating each day until my skin adjusts.  Even when you find great potent skincare products it’s still a little trial and error finding out how your skin reacts and what it can handle.

Best of luck on your skincare journey friends and have a wonderful week!  C you later!