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I’ve always loved white jeans, just not necessarily ON ME.  They’re so fresh and clean, yet I’ve always been afraid of them.    Oh, I’ve tried over the last couple years, maybe it’s my fault.   Perhaps I gave up too easily, I don’t know… but this year I decided to go for it and there was no way I was backing out of it.  I decided now was the time and I was going to conquer my fear of white jeans!

Ok, you’re thinking why have you been so afraid?  I’ve got several reasons.  Um, getting dirty in any form is a big one, I can’t seem to eat or drink anything without spilling, I even seem to rub up against the car and get dirty just getting in and out…  I’m working on that.  Having a sudden massive unexpected period always runs through my mind – please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks about that!  I have this fear with my daughter as well, I see her wearing white jeans to school and I say honey are you positively sure wearing white jeans is a good idea today?  Like calendar sure?  I full on remember the cruelty of junior high kids.  An even bigger fear though, the biggest of all is looking like a giant marshmallow.  I mean I love white jeans but you can’t deny that sometimes they aren’t slimming!  In the past I’ve tried on some that really enhanced and highlighted my cellulite, yeah thanks… that’s not the look I’m going for.

When searching for white jeans I probably tried on at least 20 pairs, all different brands and at all different price points.  I think the younger and thinner you are the easier it is, I’m not a spring chicken so I really had to dig around.  But you know what?  The wait is over,  the winners were Kut From The Kloth and it actually surprised me.  I go way back with this brand and I love their denim jackets, I have two, but I haven’t worn the jeans in quite a while.  In a world full of overpriced designer jeans, and people willing to pay $200-$300 for jeans just because they look good in them I managed to join the club for $89.  I’m actually impressed.

So now that I’m in the club I’m having a blast because as you may or may not know white jeans look amazing with pretty much everything!  One funny thing though is the first day I wore the white jeans I sat in something.  I have no idea what, I made it a full hour.  We had a quick bite to eat and went to the mall in that hour, I’m feeling super hot in my white jeans and then I hear the dreaded words from Brian, “What’s on your butt?”  Yep, the first day, the first hour I sat in something!  How’s that for bad luck?  But hey.. it made me stronger and I keep wearing them.

Since the butt stain incident I’ve managed to wear these jeans several more times, each time increasing my length of time until I get dirty… and that my friend is progress!  They always wash perfectly clean because I’m obsessed with using White Brite on our whites, that stuff will get anything out.

This last time I wore these jeans I just pared them with a simple graphic tee, I love me some graphic tees and this one is $14.99!  I can’t stop wearing these turquoise earrings either!  All other earrings lately have been a little neglected because these seem to go with everything.

Kinda sorta related to white jeans is my coolscupting on my inner thighs.  I wanted to address this because I’ve mentioned how I’m insecure about my inner thigh pudge, it’s been a little over 6 weeks since coolsculpting and I haven’t noticed a change, even a tiny one.  I measured my thighs and there is no difference, so that’s why I haven’t updated.  I was all ready to have a second session and I was told no, to continue to wait, to at least the 3 month mark.  So here I am waiting….not very patiently though.

I love adding a splash of pink to my outfits and this bag works perfectly.  It’s no longer available but this adorable pink tote has such a pretty scalloped edge and is just $49!  This Michael Kors pink tote is pretty awesome too and just went on sale.

Well, back to the jeans, I’m seriously loving them and having a blast wearing them.  I like the cropped length, although I’m 5’8″ so they may hit other people longer.  The frayed detail is really cute and on trend as well right now.  Biggest of all is how comfortable they are.  The denim isn’t stiff or awkward and they move with my body, which I really appreciate.

Now let’s talk pockets.  I cut the front pockets out of these jeans.  Before, you could really see the inside of the pocket showing through.  This was a problem with a lot of white skinny jeans I tried on.   I’ll end up sewing them closed, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Just cutting them out made a huge improvement!

Just a tip, any time pockets give you a problem just have them removed.  It’s a pretty common request tailors get all the time.  I especially do this with pants that have gaping pockets, ugh… that drives me crazy!

So, I want to share if you have a white jeans phobia you can conquer this.  I think there is a great pair of white jeans waiting for everyone, for all ages, sizes, and styles.  All types of white jeans will work, not just skinny jeans, either.   Newbies who have white jean phobia like I did, just go slow.  Maybe don’t drink red wine and have chips and salsa that first day ok???


Jeans | Graphic TeeEarrings | Bag (similar one) | Wedges (other colors available)


One more thing I’d like to mention, I received so many kind comments via text, social media, email, & comments about our puppy Bella.  Thank you so much for your sweet words, they mean the world to me and have certainly made me feel better!  We will try again when we are allowed to, and this will make us stronger in the long run.  Take care.