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I’ve been on a mission lately to improve and update our guest room, and right now it begins with the mattress.   Let me begin with a story, once upon a time when I was putting together the guest room, I spent about $450 on a luxury twin mattress.  I wanted my guests to have the most comfort possible and the mattress felt great.  Then one day while sitting in the living room I see my daughter Haley take her gross budget mattress into the guest room and out then she came out dragging the   new luxury mattress.  Hmm….  “My back hurts” she said.  Ok, I guess I can’t argue with that.

So for the past 6 months every time we had a guest sleep over I felt really guilty that they had to sleep on the old mattress, but I kept putting off buying a new mattress.  What is it about buying a mattress?  It’s not a fun way to spend your money is it?  Now, I’ve been hearing forever that mattress have a huge massive markup.  Some mattresses are down right a fortune.

Funny story, a few years ago we were at the State Fair of Texas and there is always a big mattress show right next to the hot tubs, locals you know what I’m talking about!  Ok, after a few beers and some fried food most people at some point end up on the mattresses.  Well, we fell in love with a mattress, we fell for the entire sales pitch, we were ready to sign the dotted line when we ask how much is this thing?  We figured $2,000-$3,000, NOPE try $12,000!  The mattress felt awesome but not 12k awesome.  I can’t tell you how fast we got out of there!

So yeah…all mattresses have massive markups.  Just last week while doing my regular weekly Amazon shopping I decided to look up mattresses and I was surprised how affordable they were, plus they had great reviews.  It took me a long time to sort through all the mattresses that met my criteria and I went through every review.

I settled on the Oliver Smith 12 inch Deluxe Twin. It has cool memory foam & a pocket spring mattress, plus it’s made of organic cotton and is green foam certified…whatever that means.  The best part???  It was only $129!!!  Finally I took a deep breath and hit buy.  After all it couldn’t be any worse than what was already in the guest room!  So here is our twin mattress, it arrived in this small box.  The only bummer is the twin didn’t have free shipping where the larger sized ones did.  I emailed and they confirmed that was correct.  It was delivered less than a week later.

It’s crazy how small a mattress can be when all the air is sucked out and it’s rolled up.  I was a little nervous, once you open this thing there is no going back in the box!  At this point I was worried I made a mistake, but we pushed through.  Brian grabbed a knife and very carefully opened the plastic shrink wrap.

Once the air seal was broke it started letting off this crazy hissing air sound.  It was really fun, I thought it would take a few days to inflate but no, it was probably 85-90 percent fluffed instantly.

Once we opened the mattress right away I was impressed with the quality.  I did not notice chemical or unpleasant orders either.  The 2 corners on the right side were slightly smushed, I was a little concerned about that.

But the next day they fluffed up and all was good!  We’re all so impressed with this mattress, it’s soft yet firm and very bouncy.  The top feels very luxurious and this mattress is much thicker than our old one, which I really like.  Our old sheets were baggy, the same sheets fit this mattress like a glove.

Sitting on the mattress I was in awe at how great it felt, and it was a fraction of the cost of the luxury mattress Haley took to her room.  I promise….NEVER AGAIN will I pay that much for a mattress.  I’m going the cheap route from now on.

So, I asked Ashley what she thought and she loved it just as much as I did.  Then naturally we do exactly what your mom always told you not to do.  We jumped on the bed.  Here we are 2 naughty monkeys jumping on the bed.  It has great bounce, Ashley really got some air.

So I’d say SUCCESS!  If Ashley needs a new mattress she’ll be getting this one from Amazon.  They make all sizes and it’s insane how affordable you an get a queen or king size mattress from Amazon!!!  Most of the sizes even have free shipping – winning!!!  I will say the twin sized box was about 60 pounds, which was manageable for Brian to carry upstairs and he was able to open it himself.   A larger mattress is definitely a 2 person job, but worth it.   A queen size is priced at $234 and a king at $289 and both have free shipping, talk about saving!  I definitely give Oliver Smith mattress my approval and plus they have other mattresses if you need one a little thinner or have different needs.  I’ll be updating the mattress on the trundle next, but it will need to be much thinner than this one.

Now that I’ve got the mattress upgraded in the guest room, I’ll be making some other changes soon to make the room comfy and cozy.