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Who else is feeling major summer vibes right now?  Spring…you know I love you but I’m ready for flip flops, margaritas, and popsicles.  I think this is why I’ve been wearing this dress so much lately, it screams Hey Summer!  But seriously when warm weather comes I’m all about the maxi dress!

One of the reasons I’m so drawn to maxi dresses is because of the long clean illusions they give.  Yes, I’m tall but anyone can benefit if you shop for the right kind.  Paired with a pair of wedges or heels, the long length of a maxi dress makes everyone appear taller.  Create an hourglass and slimming effect by shopping for a maxi dress that’s fitted on top with fabric that drapes and pours over the hips like the one I’m wearing.

I love these Karine Sultan earrings to death!  I love the big statement they make yet they aren’t heavy at all, it’s crazy how every time I wear these somebody stops to ask me about them.   It’s been hard finding a pair of silver statement earrings lately, it seems they’re all gold…and gold is definitely having a moment so I get it.  The cool tones of this dress screams silver to me, so sometimes a girl just needs silver.

By the way, do you know the earring trick?  If you’re sensitive to earring metals, just paint them with clear nail polish.  It creates a barrier, and poof….you’re all good.

Another thing I should mention about wearing maxi dresses is a good strapless bra.  Many dresses you’re able to wear a regular bra, but it’s still good to be prepared and have one on hand.  Up until a few years ago I was convinced all strapless bras were torture devices and I wanted to burn every one I saw.  Laurie my Nordstrom stylist helped convert me.  My go to strapless bra is this one from Wacoal, although it comes with removable straps so technically it’s a convertible bra.

Why do I love it you ask?  Well first of all it creates a nice smooth silhouette.  So many strapless bras are designed for a push up effect, but in regular clothes you get that awful double bubble effect.  Another reason is when you wear the correct size it actually stays in place and doesn’t slide down.

You need a nude color and a black and you’re good to go with narrow cut dresses and tops as well as, strapless, off the shoulder, and spaghetti straps.  If you aren’t able to get measured in a Nordstrom store then I recommend watching their bra fit guide, then still order several sizes because with each brand you just never really know they fit.  They have a great return policy so there shouldn’t be an issue returning what doesn’t fit.


I’m all about these beautiful shades of aqua as well, like I said major summer vibes!  I love the gorgeous flow of this dress, nothing makes me feel prettier than a dress that moves and flows beautifully!   Except for a few random cold days we’ve had glorious warm days so I’m in full maxi dress mode.  Those who aren’t quite there you know I love to layer up my dresses as well, if you haven’t check out 3 Ways To Wear A Maxi Dress In The Spring.  That’s the beauty of the maxi dress, you can really style it up or keep it simple, and it goes from casual to dressed up beautifully.

So who else has summer on their mind?  Margarita anyone??


Maxi Dress (X-Small & Small only) | Earrings | Shoes | Bag 

This blue maxi dress sold out fast!  Here are some other shirts and dresses available in the same fabric, most are on sale so act fast!