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Cinco de Mayo is exactly 9 days from today and I’m here to say it’s time to get your margarita on!  Being from Texas I’m all about a good margarita, but honestly I’m not willing to consume hundreds, if not thousands of calories just for a few drinks.  I mean swimsuit season is around the corner!  Sacrifices must be made.

In all honestly I actually prefer to make margaritas at home and for several reasons.  First of all, I find margaritas usually to be way too sweet and sugary.  Not to mention weak!!  Hello?  I live in Texas… pass the tequila.  I like a margarita that puts hair on my chest…lol.  Those hairy chest margaritas can hit you quite hard though…. better to drink those at home.  This way nobody gets hurt and you can pass out on the lawn.  A total win.

While browsing in Williams Sonoma recently I was intrigued and decided we needed to up our skinny marg game.  I found the Skinny Williams Sonoma Margarita Mix Caddy, which is a set of 3 flavors.  It’s a sampler set but the sizes are generous, you’ll get many, many drinks out of this.  The 3 flavors in the sampler pack are Skinny Mango Passion Fruit, Skinny Key Lime, and Skinny Pineapple Habanero.

Instructions are on the back of the bottles, with versions for blended or on-the-rocks.   Are you a a blended or on the rocks kind of person?  I’m on the rocks, although I know the majority is blended.   I’m not a fan of blended because they seem weaker, they always give me a brain freeze, and I feel like I’m drinking a 7-11 slurpee.  However, blended feels more like a slushy treat so it’s your call!

We use silver tequila because I like the taste better, I find it less harsh and it’s lower in calories.  Thanks Bethenny Frankel for turning me on to silver tequila!  I believe its right under 100 calories a shot.  Yeah… even skinny margarita calories can eventually catch up with you, but it’s nothing compared to regular margaritas.

So we prepared the glasses, rims salted, ice crushed, garnishes sliced, a little shake shake and we’re ready to go.  Now we have the hard task of sampling all 3 flavors.  Seriously blogging is so hard…

Did you see my perfectly cored pineapple above?  It’s so easy with this tool from Amazon.  You just cut the top off and the tool screws down, and pulls out kind of like a wine cork.  It’s such a fun kitchen gadget, you end up with one long pineapple ring connected that you can easily cut up into any size.

Our thoughts on all 3 flavors, they were overall very great.  Here are the details on each drink flavor:

Skinny Key Lime – Shown with the tiny key lime garnish, very predictable but this was our favorite.  It’s simply a classic.  You can’t go wrong with this choice.  It’s subtly sweet with a classic taste of lime.

Skinny Mango Passion Fruit – Shown garnished with lime and raspberries.  This was the sweetest mix of all, but it’s wasn’t a total loss with us.  On it’s own a little too sweet for me, but a big squeeze of lime did the trick.  It just needed a little more sweet and sour balance for me.  This will be a hit for people who like drinks on the sweater side, add a generous squeeze of lime though.

Skinny Pineapple Habanero – Shown garnished with lime and pineapple, I should have added a slice of jalapeño for cuteness, but that didn’t occur to me.  This was certainly the quirkiest drink and it’s definitely spicy!  Not undrinkable spicy, but definitely has some heat.  I can see these being a huge hit at a party with everyone wanting one of these drinks and then moving on to other flavors.  The sweet spicy mix is fun but it’s not a drink you want to drink over and over.  Pick this as an accent drink, not your main drink.

These drinks are made with a blend of agave syrup and Truvia for a perfect blend of sweetness without an artificial sweet taste.  Now, let’s talk carbs, sugars, and calories…

Skinny Key Lime – 15 calories, 4 carbs and 3 sugars, per 2 ounces.

Skinny Mango Passion Fruit – 25 calories, 6 carbs and 5 sugars, per 2 ounces.

Skinny Pineapple Habanero – 20 calories, 5 carbs and 4 sugars, per 2 ounces.

Considering how full sugar margaritas can range from 500-700 calories if not more I’d say this is a win!  Plus, come on,  most of us have more than one margarita, especially at home, so I save those calories for something better!  There are actually several more skinny margarita flavors we plan on trying soon.  Fingers crossed we don’t wake up on the lawn!

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