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Happy Monday!  We survived our garage sale weekend, we have some crazy stories though!  I can’t believe tomorrow starts the month of May!  April went by so fast, and speaking of time flying, Mothers Day is less than 2 weeks away!

Growing up I got my Mom some pretty horrible gifts, I’m pretty sure when I was 5 or 6 I picked out a plastic graveside wreath for her at the store.  I remember thinking it was so pretty with all the plastic flowers, I had no idea about its actual purpose.  Now my kids have gotten me some pretty lame gifts too.  Any moms out there still get the coupon book?  The ones you can redeem for kisses or chores?  Yeah even though my kids are teens now I still surprisingly get coupon books.  It’s the funniest thing though, every time I actually go to redeem a chore coupon it’s suddenly expired…hmm.  Heads up to other coupon book moms, I think you’ve got 24-48 hours to cash them in.

I’d like to think since my grave wreath purchasing days I’ve gotten a little better about selecting gifts.  Mothers Day can easily sneak up on you before you know it!  This year it’s May 13th, so don’t forget…. Mama won’t be happy.  Below I’ve rounded up a nice variety of gifts for Mom to help give you some ideas.  Best part?  All are under $100.


1  KNC Beauty Lip Mask $25 – Moms love to feel pretty and be pampered, so how about a lip mask?  She can indulge and have some relaxing spa time with this 5 pack of lip masks.  Since they condition and plump up the lips you’ll definitely be getting some Mama kisses.

2  Le Cruset Demi 1.25 Qt. Tea Kettle $69.00 (on sale) – Le Cruset for under $100?  Yes please!  This cute mini tea kettle comes in 5 great colors, and it’s small size is perfect for smaller servings of tea or other hot drinks.

3  Mother and Child Book $85 – Shhh…can you keep a secret?  I’ll be writing a blog post soon on decorating with books.  Seriously I love it.  Not only can you read them, you can decorate with them too!  This coffee table book is so vibrant and beautiful, plus it celebrates the bond of mothers and their children.

4  Kate Spade Crown Point Picture Frame $50-$85 – I love unique picture frames as gifts, and the clean modern curvy lines of this gold frame would look great with any decor.  It’s also available in 3 different sizes.  How about surprising her with a favorite photo of her sweet kids?

5  Antique Silver Display Tray $31.50 (on sale) – This pretty silver display tray is so versatile plus it’s also available in gold.  Perfect to hold keys, jewelry, or little trinkets while adding style to Mom’s home.

6  Yes Way Rose Wine $12.99 –  I really like this light refreshing wine!  The packaging is adorable and it’s the perfect summery wine.  Another plus is it’s screw top, perfect for lazy wine days when you can’t be bothered with a corkscrew.  Available in Target stores, but I did link it online in case you’re unfamiliar with this wine.

7  Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask – This sleep mask made from mulberry silk is the ultimate luxury.  This one size fits all sleeping mask is available in 10 different colors, plus the silk fabric increases hydration and protects delicate eye skin.  It’s great for the perfect night sleep at home and while traveling.

8  Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil $25 – Mama’s love to soak in the tub and Mama’s love roses.  So let her take a relaxing bath soak with the luxurious Jo Malone Rose Bath oil.  A sure winner.

9  Round Mango Wood Serving Tray $19.99 – You know I’m all about trays from my blog post a few weeks ago.  This gorgeous round tray is so versatile, perfect for entertaining and decorating with.

10  Martha Stewart Cake Stand With Dome $38.49 (on sale) – How about a gorgeous cake stand for Mom?  She can have a lovely display of all her baked goods in the kitchen.  Although I’ve got to say if you really want to make a hit with your mom, give her this cake stand with a cake you baked in it!  You’re welcome.

11  La Mer Aqua Apron $54.95 – If you expect your mom to cook and slave for hours in the kitchen she should at least look cute while doing it.  This gorgeous blue pattern is perfect for spring and summer.

12  Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Carmels $32 – I love these, and I always get them at the Nordstrom coffee bar.  Both milk chocolate and dark chocolate are so delicious.  They pair beautifully with wine or coffee.  I mean you just can’t go wrong with chocolate.  How about pairing this with Yes Way Rose above?

13  Kusmi I Love My BB Detox Tea Bags $25.90 – We love this tea in our home.  This Parisian blend of detox tea is delicious whether hot or cold, plus it will detox your body and improve your skin.

14  Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Souflee Body Creme $60 – Surprise your Mama with a rich luxurious hydrating body cream.  It’s so rich and creamy, plus it smells so good you could legit eat it.

15  Ceramic flower candles $26 – Available in 3 different colors, these ceramic scented flower candles are just so cute.  What I love about these candles are how they make such cute decor even after the candle has burned away.  Suddenly it becomes a cute little trinket dish!

16  Kendra Scott Supac Set of 5 Bracelets $95 – This pretty set of bracelets is available in 7 colors.  Any Mom would love these semi precious sparkly stretch bracelets from Kendra Scott.  I mean who doesn’t love Kendra Scott?

17  Fresh Roses Face Mask $25-62 – More roses and spa pampering for your Mama.  Wow…does this face mask smell good!  It’s hydrating and brightening, plus it works well for all skin types.

So what do you think?  Are you ready?  Make Mama proud and remember she probably spent 37 hours in labor with you.   So make it count, or at the very least stay away from graveside flowers.