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It’s May and I’m so pumped!  Who else is with me?  We are officially counting down to summer.  Normally the girls have school a full week into June but not this year, nope we’re done with it all before Memorial Day.  Yay!  I’m really looking forward to our summer plans and especially looking forward for the teenage pile of school papers, lunch boxes, shoes, tennis gear, and backpacks to go away.  I especially love it when I unexpectedly trip over them… so fun.

Oh, something else I wanted to mention is Holy Ads!  I decided to get Adsense back up and running, for whatever reason last year at this time we couldn’t get it to work.  Google has been randomly choosing the ad placement and I’m trying to tweak it, but there seems to be a delay.  So no, I’m not trying to drive you crazy with ads, I’m working on getting them to calm down.

Let’s get back to my white jeans!  I’m getting better about staying clean since my original White Jeans Love blog post.  So I thought I’d do an outfit round up of some of my favorite white jean outfits and we could chat a little bit.

Jeans | Striped tee | Leopard Sunglasses | Necklace | Bracelet 1 | Bracelet 2 | Bracelet 3 | Bag (similar)

This has actually been my favorite outfit so far with white jeans.  I mean striped tees just look so good with everything, especially white jeans!  I have such a love and fascination for Chanel.  Everything Chanel is freakin awesome but other than the Chanel fashion books I decorate with in my home these Chanel shoes are the only thing I have.  It was a total freak accident I even got them.

I was walking through the Nordstrom shoe department one day wearing some nice designer shoes, and long story short, a sales person asked me how I liked them and I said I didn’t care for them because they made funny squeaky sounds.  Together we walked around the store so he could hear the squeaky sounds, he gave me a new pair to try, still squeaky.  So he said I’ll give you a full refund for anything you like, shoes shouldn’t sound like that, so combined with that and my Nordstrom rewards that’s how I ended up with Chanel shoes for $200.  I love them so much that sometimes I want to sleep in them.

Tee | Straw Bag | Earrings | Striped Bracelet | Pink Bracelet 

Can we talk about these earrings?  They’re from Etsy and just $16!  They just scream summer to me, I love supporting sellers on Etsy.  If I let myself I can browse for hours at the Etsy website.  These crochet earrings come in so many colors and they’re weightless feeling, seriously a great purchase!

I’ve also been having a serious straw bag addiction lately, another trend I’m grateful for.  It’s getting so bad lately that I love every single one I see.  I really love cross body bags too, they’re great when you need to be hands free and your contents are light, but now there is a tote version in this bag and I’m like ahhhhh!!!!  I wish I had that one too!

White Tee | Wedges | Earrings | Bag (pre-loved)

This is how I act when I’m just so sick of having my picture taken, but seriously white on white is such a chic look… that is if you can stay clean!  I love wearing monochromatic outfits, especially with black.  I’m coming around more with white, and learning my limits… ok no salsa or red wine.  You know, the white outfit basics.

Gingham Shirt | Silver Earrings | Flats | Bag

The story with most of my outfit photos is I’m usually just out running errands with Brian or we’re on our way out to eat.     We’re in the habit now of grabbing the camera and we’ll usually pull over and get a few quick snaps.  Sometimes the kids are in the car rolling their eyes at us.  I’ve been eyeing this pretty yellow building around the corner from where I live for a while and we finally remembered to get a snap.  I’m always looking for cute photo spots, so is Brian.  He’s the best trained husband ever.

Moving on… let’s talk about how spring and fresh gingham and white jeans are.  I don’t want this gingham trend to ever end!  I mean gingham will always be around but lately it’s everywhere, in every color, in everything.  Patterns just make me so happy.  I’ve worn this shirt with everything lately from shorts to even unbuttoned over a maxi dress.

 Pink tee (sold out – similar one)

Camo Jacket | Suede Flats (similar ones) | Bag (pre-loved) | Hoop Earrings

I love this utility camo jacket so much!  Another pattern that looks great with practically anything, I even wore it some while hiking the Palo Duro Canyon.  I ordered my usual size a small but I still found it a little bulky, I washed it and it shrank just slightly and now it’s perfect.  I especially love pink and came together, the rugged contrast combined with girly colors and sparkles is such a fun look.

I just ordered this jacket in mauve color too, it was finally restocked in my size.  Stalking stores online really pays off!  I thought it would be the perfect light weight jacket for Scotland this summer, I’m really confused what to expect weather wise in Scotland in August.  The camo jacket packed great for our hiking trip, very minimal wrinkling so I think it will work well on chilly nights.

Hey!  Don’t forget Saturday is Cinco De Mayo!  It’s time to get your chips, salsa, and margaritas on!  I’m sure we’ll end up at Uncle Julio’s, it’s our favorite Mexican restaurant.  If you’re near a Williams Sonoma check out my Skinny Margarita Taste Test from last week, they were so good!  Until next time.