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Happy Friday!  I feel like I sort of dropped the ball reminding everyone about the Nordstrom Triple Point sale!  I have failed you… I am so ashamed.  It goes on until May the 6th so if you’re a Nordy shopper like me be sure and take advantage.  You can earn triple points online and in stores today through Sunday.  I like to save up all my rewards and then splurge on shoes or bags.

I’ve been dreaming pink a lot lately, the color just makes me so happy, I’m even getting little pops of pink in our home just in time for summer.  I’m always on the lookout for pretty pink clothes and accessories, but this time I was on a mission specifically for the perfect pink dress.  My little sister and I are going to see Mean Girls on Broadway at the end of the summer and I’m so excited!  Even though the show’s on a Friday instead of a Wednesday I’ve still got to wear my pink!  Mean Girls reference for those who have no idea what I’m talking about – haha.

So I spotted these 2 pink dresses online, ordered both, and thought well surely I won’t like one, or one won’t fit right.  I’ll just return the one that doesn’t work, and wouldn’t you know it both fit and I love them both – story of my life!

With this dress I used Red Carpet Kolour in Light on my arms, chest, and legs.  I really love that stuff!  It’s not glittery but it gives your skin a nice sheen, blurs imperfections, and lets your skin catch the light.  It comes in Light, Medium, and Tan.  I have all 3 and there isn’t much difference between the Medium and Tan.  You can also mix colors together easily to get a custom shade.

Amazon has the light for $30, but is out of stock in the other colors.  I did find the Medium and Tan/Dark in stock at another store but it’s $49.95, or you can wait and see if Amazon restocks it.  I freakin love this stuff.  Once you apply it let it dry a few minutes before getting dressed.  After that it shouldn’t rub off on your clothes unless you get really sweaty.  Even then it washes out of clothing.  For the next pink dress I do not have Red Carpet Kolour on so see if you can tell the difference.  I can, I’ve been lazy when it comes to spray tanning lately, so this stuff has made my pale skin look human.  If you look really close you can see the difference where I stopped at my ankles.

I did have a really dumb moment with this dress when I first put it on.  I thought why is it so hard to walk in?  I was walking around like a penguin wearing it thinking is my butt really this big?  It wasn’t until I took it off I saw the slit was stitched up in an X.  Once I removed that it made a world of difference and is easy to walk in.

It reminds me of the last time I was in NYC on the subway I saw a lady who really looked put together wearing a skirt dressed for work, I was admiring her outfit.  Then when she got up for her stop I saw the back slit of her skirt stitched up with the white X.  Ouch – you’re supposed to cut that out.  I guess we all have our fashion faux pas!

The lace detail on this skirt is just gorgeous, and another thing I love about this dress is the adjustable straps in the back.  I’m wearing my usual size, it also comes in navy and a gorgeous pale blue.  It’s also machine wash and line dry so I can take it to Europe with me this summer.  I might be washing clothes in the hotel sink!

Lace Dress |  Shoes | Earrings | Clutch (similar) | Red Carpet Kolour Light


Here’s my second dress choice.  Another dress I fell in love with.  I’m getting more of an Elle Woods vibe with this dress but I still think it would be super cute.  It’s so stretchy and comfortable, Ted Baker sizing is a little different, but don’t let that throw you off he has great dresses.

The polka dot clutch is another Etsy find.  You can pick from so many patterns and it’s under $30!  There’s a small detachable chain that comes with the bag if you prefer this.  I’m crazy for polka dots lately.

The only negative about this dress is it’s dry clean only.  Not at all a deal breaker for me, I can usually get a few wears before my clothes need dry cleaning, but dry clean only means it will not be coming with me to Europe this summer.  This dress also comes in white and for a while was available in black.  There’s a chance they’ll restock in black so keep an eye out if you’re interested in that.   Bloomingdales has a very pale pink one and the Ted Baker website has a navy which is also very classy.

I just can’t emphasize how comfortable this dress is!  It’s so stretchy and the fabric feels so breathable, it’s almost like fancy pajamas!

Dress | Earrings | Clutch | Shoes (similar – same brand)


We took these photos on the way to a favorite spot of ours, Chez Fabian, and look we finally made it!  Yay!  If you’re local it’s in Grapevine and part of the Main Street Bistro & Bakery, it’s a favorite.  So which dress will make it to Mean Girls with me?  I have no idea actually but I’m sure it will end up on Instagram.  I have a hunch if the lace dress does go to Europe with me I might be sick of it, so the hot pink one for Broadway…. but who knows.