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Hey there, it’s time to start a fresh new week!  First off did everyone have a great Cinco de Mayo?  We definitely got our chips, salsa, and margaritas on!  Today I’m definitely feeling it, so it’s going to be a strict low carb week – ugh!

I’m a little bit in panic mode because we’re officially counting down to summer!  I don’t know about you, but it takes real WORK for me to get summer ready these days.  Anyone else with me?  It takes so much effort to transition into my summer body.  I mean from scrubbing and buffing to shaving and creaming, it’s a lot to suddenly take on and not for the faint of heart.   Then there’s sunless tanning and sunscreens – two products that are certainly tricky to shop for.

So today I thought I’d share some beauty and skincare favorites that help to make me feel my summer best.  Some are products I’ve used for years and others are great, new discoveries.


ST. TROPEZ GRADUAL TAN CLASSIC – I’ve been slacking on my spray tanning lately.  It’s my favorite method of fake tanning, but I’ve been a slacker lately.  I love Red Carpet Kolour whether I’m pale or have a tan – I feel like I’ve talked about that a lot already so I won’t talk more here.  St. Tropez is one of the at home self tanning products I can actually tolerate when I’m being spray tan lazy.

First of all, let’s talk smell… all sunless tanners have that smell!  Ugh…some are so intense I get nauseous.  Yes, this one has the smell but its much fainter than only other sunless products I’ve tried.  Honest!  It comes in 2 shades and I like the Medium/Dark the best.  I bought the mitt everyone raved about and wasn’t that impressed.  I guess I’m just old fashioned because I feel like I have more control with my hands.  I just carefully wash them afterwards.

So what about the color?  It’s a gradual tan product, meaning it’s meant to be used daily for a continual tan, or you use it daily until you reach your desired color then you can let it fade if you wish.   I do find the color to be pretty natural and most importantly hydrating on my legs.  So you might be thinking I’ve looked pale lately in my photos, haha –  well that’s because I’m legit so pale my skin looks see through sometimes.  When I’m not being lazy I can actually build a nice looking tan with this, it’s May so it’s time to stop being a fake tan slacker!  This will definitely make it into my travel bag to Europe this summer.


THETA BODY NATURALS EXFOLIATING GLOVE –  This is such a great product to keep your skin exfoliated!  I love how affordable it is, and you can use it over and over.  I bought mine in 2016 and it’s still hanging on strong.  I do love Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, it smells incredible!  However it has oils in the scrub which are not ideal for sunless tanning, plus sometimes it attracts ants in the shower.  This is a prefect exfoliator before self tanning, or just a great way to keep your skin exfoliated and healthy looking!

I’ll use this with a favorite body wash, then rinse it out and hang it to dry in the shower for the next use.  You can also throw it in the washer and dryer which I’ve done many times by accident and it’s been fine.


EGYPTIAN MAGIC –  I can’t believe I just recently found out about this stuff.  It’s been on the market since 1991 and has a huge list of loyal customers.   Fact:  any time I hear about a beauty product that has amazing reviews I will 100% try it and this product did not disappoint.

It’s done wonders for dry skin on my feet, hands, elbows, and knees.  The cuticles on my fingers and toes as well as my crusty heels have had the most dramatic result.   What’s crazy is that people use this for everything!  They use it for scars, acne, stretch marks,  as a face cream, to shave with, as a hair conditioner, and lip balm just to name a few things.  I can only vouch for the dry skin part, it’s awesome.  This will definitely help give soft hydrated skin for summer.  Say bye bye to crusty summer feet for sure!!


CLARINS BODY FIT CELLULITE CONTROL –  Let me say how confusing this was to figure out, but after talking to several different Clarins cosmetic counters I’ve discovered Body Lift Cellulite and Body Fit Cellulite are basically the same product.   I always buy the largest (13.9 Oz.) size and it lasts me a long time, so there must have been a repackaging right after my last purchase.

If you use it consistently it really does work, it’s not like plastic surgery of course but it makes a clear visible difference without a doubt on my skin.  It’s not just good with cellulite but also skin firming too.  I don’t use it in the winter to keep costs down, but within a few weeks of recently using it again I’ve started to see the benefits.

The smell it’s kind of strange, it’s medicinal but don’t worry it quickly fades.  The instructions say to rub it all over your body but I just use it on areas that are cellulite prone or lack firmness.  The only issue I have is finding ways to layer it with sunless tanner.  That’s probably why I’ve been slacking, I’m focusing on this product.  If I’m using this product twice a day then when am I supposed to fit in a sunless tanner too?  The struggle is real!  Pick whatever problem bothers you the most – cellulite or pale skin – hmm…

It does absorb very well without a heavy greasy feel so sometimes I’ll give the Body Fit an hour or so to absorb then I’ll go for the sunless tanner, that is if I remember.  Also using this product over an existing spray tan causes no patchy results either.


SUPERGOOP! INVINCIBLE SETTING POWDER SPF 45 – An honest moment here, I hate wearing sunscreen on my face.   It’s a constant battle in terms of my oily skin and having my makeup ruined.  Even though I’m generally pleased with my Jan Marini sunscreen it’s still a sunscreen, so I’m always on the lookout for alternatives.  Lots of sunscreen powders have been popping up lately, so I was excited to try this one.  It comes in 4 shades, I bought the translucent shade.

When hiked The Lighthouse Trail recently it was very sunny with practically no shade.  We forgot to bring body sunscreen but I had this SPF 45 powder in my makeup bag.  I generously applied the powder all over my face and neck in the car before our hike started.  My shoulders and arms sunburned but not my face, this stuff definitely works!  It’s suitable for all skin types and I thought it performed beautifully on my oily skin.  This is a great product to leave in your purse for touchups.  I found the packaging a little confusing at first, but I soon got the hang of it.


SUPERGOOP! SETTING MIST SPF 50 – This seems to have a few versions with different packaging & scents.  What I like about this product is the ability to easily add sunscreen touchups through out the day.  When I’m out later in the day I’ll blot my skin, shake the bottle, and lightly spritz.  I don’t have the rosemary scent, so I can’t comment on the smell but it sounds refreshing for summer.  Mine has a light minty smell that quickly fades.  This product doesn’t leave me near as oily as other sunscreens would.

It’s meant to be used over your makeup as a touchup, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be used as your main sunscreen under your makeup.  I had Brian try this product out and at the end of the day he forgot he applied it, anytime you forget you’re wearing sunscreen I call that a win!  This comes in a full size and a travel size perfect for your purse or beach bag.

Sephora has already sold out of the setting mist I purchased, it’s that awesome, but they still have the Milly Limited Edition, and Nordstrom has the rosemary scented mist.  They also have this Supergoop, But First Sunscreen Kit, that has my exact mist, as well as 2 other products to try.  You honestly can’t go wrong with any Supergoop products,  they’re the Porsche of sunscreen.

NARS PORE & SHINE OIL CONTROL – My skin gets so insanely oily in the summer.  I mean makeup will just slide right off my face if I don’t constantly check.  Even those with dryer skin get a little oilier in the summer, especially in the T-zone and when using sunscreen products, and Nars is here to save you!  I also tried Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel.

They both worked, but Nars won for a few reasons.  One, being the packaging, the flip cap on the Nars packaging was much easier to open and close.  The Peter Thomas Roth has a screw cap that kept falling off and I would loose it a lot.  Two, was the texture of the Peter Thomas Roth, it was more of an dry gel and I found it awkward to apply.  Sometimes it would fall off my fingers before I could get it on my face.  The Nars is actually a lotion and much easier to apply.

I use my regular skincare products, sunscreen, then the Nars Pore & Shine Control Primer before going on to my regular makeup.  As long as you don’t apply too much it gives a nice smooth texture for foundation.  I use about a pea sized amount and it’s caused no breakouts.

I’ll be adding updates as soon as I find more great products!   Have a great week!