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Can we talk about how cute this pineapple and pom pom trend is?  These two trends have slowly been rising in popularity the last few years to the point where they have suddenly exploded.  Why pineapples?  Why pom poms you say?  Hmm…let’s talk a bit more about this trend.

What comes to mind first when you think of pineapples?  You probably think of fun, a beach vacation, summers at the pool, tropical drinks, and flip flops.  More things that a lot of us want in life.  Now what comes to mind when you see pom poms?  I think of whimsical fun, color, happiness, and a carefree quirkiness that makes my inner child happy.  Combine these two together and it’s a real par-tay.   What I find especially pleasing about these two trends is how well they work from your wardrobe to your home.

I recently replaced the the shelves in my formal living room, you’ll be seeing more of these shelves in future blog posts, but they really lighten up the space while still giving beautiful detail.  I paired these pineapple bookends with some of my favorite design books for one great combination.  My shelves suddenly scream hello summer!

Gold Shelves | Pineapple Bookends just $19.99! | Elements of Style Book

The best of both trends right here!  I very much love having a neutral home in terms of paint, furniture, and window treatments.  This has allowed me to change up the look of any room at the drop of a hat for very little cost.  Our small formal living room suddenly gets a tropical vibe with these pineapple and pom pom pillows.

Pineapple Pillow | Pink Pillow | Wall Frames | Tufted Loveseat | White Side Table  – used to be on our patio!

Remodelista Book | In With The Old Book

Here I am wearing my summer uniform – haha!  This was taken on Cinco de Mayo – or as I fondly refer to as Cinco de Yum Yum.  This was taken outside my favorite Mexican restaurant Uncle Julio’s.  This fun pom pom clutch is perfect!  It says PAR-TAY, it also says more salsa please.

Maxi Dress – my summertime staple & currently on sale!!

Clutch (similar) |  Flip Flops | Statement Necklace | Hoop Earrings

This is actually a cookie jar, but summer’s coming so my cookie jar will stay empty for now.  I had such a hard time deciding where to put this pineapple because it looked amazing in the kitchen, on my mantle, and side table in the family room.  Priced just under $15 it’s just too cute to pass up!

It has a great seal, you can pick up the pineapple by the top without it coming apart.  Who says you need to keep cookies in it though?  It can hide ugly remote controls in the living room, hold hair ties in your bathroom, or hide your super secret chocolate stash perhaps?

 Celeste Chandelier | Lamps (similar style & on clearance) | Quatrefoil Mirror | Chic Stays Book | Pineapple Jar

Ashley’s room needed a little fun par-tay vibe so pom poms to the rescue!  This pom pom garland is $7.99 and 55 inches long, if that’s not long enough for your needs they can easily be tied together.  Again these looked cute in so many places it was hard to decide, from the top of her window treatment, along her shelves, and on her headboard.  We settled on giving her wooden wall art a little pizzazz.  #Jazzhands

These would look so cute in a nursery, outdoors, or along a fireplace mantel for some fun cheer.

Dream Colorfully Wall Art | Pom Pom Garland

Ever since I turned 40 and started using retinol, big ol’ sun hats are suddenly my BFF.  If I have to be 40 (ugh… really??) and avoid the sun on my face then I should at least have a pom pom tropical party on my head right?  I may be forced to age, but never will I be forced to act my age – ha!

Sun Hat | Scarf | Porcelain Flowers

So it’s looking like a pineapple and pom pom summer party this season!  From bags, to hats, to clothing, to home decor items.  What do you think of these trends?  Do you have any other favorite trends right now?