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Hey, y’all!  Sorry I’ve been a little behind this week.  If you follow me on Insta I explained why things have been so hectic!  Honestly the month of May is right up there with December in terms of chaos!  I’ve got pineapples all over my house, and as I’m writing this blog post I’m sitting in my office wearing a pink kimono and beach perfume, all that’s missing is a pina colada.  Can I just have summer please??  I’m over all this end of the school year stress.  Just end already.  E.N.D.

I wanted to share this incredible summery perfume with you.  It always starts with a sample, have you ever seen my sample box?  I think I showed it once in a bathroom blog post, it’s massive.  Ashley was going through my sample box looking for a face mask to try and I found this Replica Beach Walk fragrance .  It was love at first spritz, then I went to ask Brian what he thought and he immediately said buy it.  It smells that good!

There are times I think I should join a perfume-aholic support group, but this one is too perfect for summer not to buy.  In my defense there are many perfumes I can’t tolerate though – Chanel No. 5 I’m looking at you.

The starfish necklace in the first photo is another summer favorite.  My Mom bought it for me years ago at the beach, it’s still one of my favorite necklaces.  I’ve looked every where and I can’t find this necklace online.  I’m good at scouring the corners of the internet to find stuff, but nope not this one.  I did find some other really neat starfish beachy necklaces all under $22 and I’ll link them below.

Any Seinfeld fans out there?  We are, as soon as I tried this perfume it reminded me of when Kramer wanted to make a perfume that smelled like the beach but everyone thought he was weird.  I personally can’t think of a better summertime scent though. Imagine smelling like summer and the beach without feeling all sandy and gross – win!  It’s a clean slightly salty scent with hints of milky coconut and a little citrus.  It’s beachy without tropical overkill.

These pink flamingo drink floats from Amazon are also getting me into the spirit of summer.  It’s a pack of 12 for $9.99, I just smile every time I see them.  I think these would be so cute for end of the school year teacher gifts, maybe in a summer gift basket, or with a gift card, sunblock, or sunglasses in the center?  What about a bunch floating in your pool for a festive party?  So cute!!

I mentioned in my last blog post that changes are coming soon and I’m so excited!  I’ve had a plan for a few months to change the blog up and these changes will be happening soon!  More details to come, hopefully next week, and I’ve got some fun home decor posts in the works!  I’ve been trying to get my guest room post finished up, but I’ve had my son staying in the room for a week, so it’s definitely not blog ready – working on it!

This weekend we have Ashley’s final orchestra concert for for the year!  It will be hectic but I’m looking forward to it!  Do you think I’ll be the only mom who smells like the beach?