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Happy Thursday!  Do you know why this Thursday is so happy for me?  It’s because for us summer starts today!!  For me summer doesn’t start officially until school is out, so hello summer!!  This is the first year I can ever remember the kids getting out of school before Memorial Day weekend… but hey I’ll take it!

Another thing that makes me think of summer?  No, it’s not remembering to shaving my legs – that’s where maxi dresses come in handy…. haha.  It’s straw bags!  Straw bags have always been around, but suddenly they’ve exploded and they’re everywhere, in all sizes from small clutches, to giant beach bags and everything else in between.  I’m definitely grateful, I love the carefree summer vibe and texture that a straw bag brings to an outfit.

This particular straw bag I really love to death, it’s available on Amazon for $60.  I was so excited when I received this bag a few weeks ago, once I started playing around with it I couldn’t wait to put it on the blog.  It’s perfect just the way it is, but I wanted to show you my favorite ways I’ve customized it and made it my own.

Maxi Dress | Straw Tote | Harlow Necklace (on clearance) | Sunglasses | Shoes (I ordered my normal size)

One of my favorite ways I’ve worn this straw tote is with a simple flower attached.  I went to Hobby Lobby and near the jewelry making section you can find a huge assortment of flowers to attach.  This one has a combo hair clip and pin.  I used the hair clip attachment and easily slid it into the straw texture without harm.  You can also use the pin to attach, it’s just a little trickier.

Recognize this maxi dress from an old blog post?  This dress is seriously my jam.  The coolest feature about this dress is the raw edge hem.  No altering required, if the dress is too long…and odds are it will be…just cut it with a pair of scissors.

One of the best features about this tote is the draw string close top.  I love carrying totes and though it’s convenient I know all about the stress that comes along with having an open top purse.  First off it’s a safety issue, things can get stolen easily, and maybe this means I’m a terrible driver but sometimes I’ll turn a corner in my car and my bag will fall over and spill all of it’s contents.  This draw string top solves everything!  It easily folds down when not in use too.

Dress | Straw Tote | Brooch (similar) | Shoes | Earrings | Sunglasses

Another favorite way I’ve carried this tote is with a brooch attached.  Seriously let’s get brooches trending big again ok?  I just love them.  It requires a little more effort pinning a broach into the straw but the way this bag is woven it’s totally doable and shouldn’t damage it in any way.

This Leith dress is also another repeat from my peplum jacket blog post.  Gosh, I love dresses I can layer up.  I ordered up a size for a more relaxed fit like the tips suggested.  It’s available in 8 other colors too.

Straw Tote | Striped Hat | Pink Scarf | Sunglasses | Leopard Scarf (pre-loved) | Fedora Hat (similar)

Left are more flowers just like the pink, I just attached 3 in a row.  These flowers are $3.99 at Hobby Lobby, you can probably find some at any craft store or Amazon. Feather attachments would be really fun as well.

To the right I attached a small scarf, which I do all the time with the other purses I carry.  This makes me laugh a little.  A Louis Vuitton bandeau attached to an Amazon straw tote??  Hey… why not?  Life is all about balance!

Striped Bracelet (on sale) | Distressed jeans (also on major sale)

Let us not forget how great this straw tote is just as it with nothing else added!  It’s such a classic shape, with the perfect texture, it’s smooth and not scratchy at all.

Since there are no reviews on Amazon and you’re interested in this tote bag I thought I better mention a few things.  There are no interior pockets, which I’m used to from a few other bags I have.  It’s why I carry so many small pouches in my purse, that and it makes for easy purse swapping – which I do a lot!

Also sometimes it’s a little tricky to make this bag stand up if you just casually sit it down.  I’ve learned to plop it down with a little force, then I give it the side eye like don’t even about falling over and that does the trick!  It’s available for prime free shipping, I got it same day shipping for free – I think that depends on where you live though. Same day free shipping is my newest addiction.

Did you remember about the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale?  It started yesterday and runs until June 3rd. Take advantage of some killer sales right now of up to 40 percent off!