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10/19 update – I was interviewed by the New York Times about my Coolsculptng experience, you can read about it here.

Remember back in February when I said I had Coolsculpting done?  I said I was going to keep you updated on my results but I didn’t, because there was nothing to report.  Be sure and read my original Coolsculpting blog post, I give you all the details of the treatment.  I did get results but not until right around the 3 month mark.  I didn’t think it was working, then one day I looked down and noticed the fat was gone.

First let me answer some questions I can hear you thinking.  Yes I have pants on, well shorts LOL.  No, thats not a 5,000 calorie frappucino, it’s a lame keto drink, and what does this photo have to do with Coolsculpting??  Well, I didn’t want my fat rolling through my blog feed and on emails!  If you want to see all my fat hanging out you must click on the link – haha!  The top is from Target by the way, I made the page!

About 6 weeks later I asked if I could have a second treatment on the same areas because I wasn’t sure it was working.  But I was instructed to just be patient and wait for the full 3 months for results.   Remember I had my inner thighs and flanks done, these were 2 areas that don’t ever budge with diet and exercise. These before and after photos I took directly off the computer at the Med Spa.  So sorry they aren’t the best quality, but you can definitely see results.

Ugh, this before photo on the left may be the most unflattering photo I’ve ever seen.  I almost didn’t put this on the blog because I thought it looked horrific.  But whatever… I did cover up my bra though, I need to keep a little dignity.

Any swelling or soreness was gone by day 5 or 6. The areas that were treated stayed slightly numb for at least a month though.  The only time I would notice this is when I rubbed or scratched the area.  The skin didn’t feel numb but the area under the skin did, it was a strange sensation.  Other than that I didn’t experience any side effects or problems.  You can read about discomfort during the procedure and the first few days after the treatment in my original blog post I Tried Coolsculpting.

My feet are in the exact same position for the thigh before and after photos.  I had to stand with my feet around a marker with numbers.

I’d definitely say success, and I have no desire to do a second treatment on my flanks and inner thighs.  I finally got out the tape measure and I’ve lost 1 inch off my waist and 1 1/2 inches from the top of each inner thigh!  That’s from 1 treatment!  I’m definitely happy about that!  You can find more information at and if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them!

Those who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I had cool sculpting done at Trinity Aesthetics and Laser.  I’m part of the monthly maintenance skincare program and I love it.  Linda is my girl!  She makes my skin pretty and we gab about reality tv, a total win!

See ya later this week, blog changes coming soon!