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Hey there friends, let’s do June loves!  I feel like I’ve been so behind on everything lately with the new blog and vacation plans.  My daughter Haley is in Japan right now, getting her packed and ready with a wallet full of yen was pretty exhausting!  And Ashley is actually in D.C. now, and we pick her up from the airport late Friday.  The girls are both having an amazing time and sending me the cutest photos!  I’m so grateful for these school trips!  When Haley comes home, we’ll have a little over a week before we head off to Italy!

Alright moving on… let’s talk about my favorites this month!

Chanel Eyeshadow Quad in Tisse Rivoli

I needed a new eye shadow palette and decided to branch out this time.  My current Too Faced eye shadow palette is getting low and chunks are breaking off, I certainly can’t travel this summer to Europe with it.  So new palette it is.  I’ve got to say the gorgeous colors in Tisse Rivoli blew me away!  I was worried the colors would be too shimmery, but it’s silky, perfect, and the color lasts all day!

Gorjana Adjustable Bracelet

You know I love Gorjana jewelry and this bracelet doesn’t disappoint!  I’ve always been drawn to simple beaded bracelets, and I love the adjustable feature on this one.  I can adjust it to just the right size on my tiny wrists, plus it comes in the standard Gorjana colors – silver, gold, and rose gold.

INC Pull On Shorts

Finding shorts I like to wear is getting harder and harder, let’s just say I’m picky!  The 5 inch inseem seems to be a good length for me plus these shorts come in so many fun colors and a few patterns like this one and also this one.  They slide on, no zippers or buttons, which felt odd at first but now I love it and they’re so comfortable! The waist band did wrinkle some after washing, nothing too severe.  The instructions say to wash and line dry.  I line-dried a pair and threw the other in the dryer.  I actually thought the dryer pair looked much better and no shrinkage either.  These are currently on sale for under $30 and fit true to size.

Halogen Faux Wrap Dress

I think this dress definitely looks prettier in person.  The vibrant colors are just so fun and summery, it’s a good length too.  Usually pockets in a dress drive me crazy, but I hardly noticed the ones on this dress.  There is no stretch to this dress but it fits true to size.  Easy washing instructions are a bonus too.

Free People Bralette

I’m loving this bralette trend!  They look cute so many ways, but I love it especially paired with my trusty black maxi dress which is currently on sale!  It provides such pretty detail and interest to any outfit.  Plus it’s available in so many colors, perfect to add a pop of color.

Michael Kors Printed Fit & Flare Dress

This dress is just so easy, I’m pretty sure it will follow me to Europe.  I love the lightweight stretchy fabric of this dress, its perfect for summer and travel.  It’s an easy dress to layer and style up for multiple occasions too.  It’s machine wash and hang dry, and it dries fast due to the light fabric.  The black and white pattern is a win, fits true to size.



Clarins Supra Volume Mascara

My sister has been telling me to try this mascara for a while now.  I was pretty stocked up at the time with my trusty Chanel Le Volume but I finally remembered.  Another fantastic mascara, it’s a toss up if I’ll go back to Chanel now, it’s a drier mascara, making it more user friendly to apply.  Clarins Supra Volume goes on clean and layers beautifully, you can go with a natural or dramatic look easily.  It also gives great volume and length, the brush is great too – I’m so picky about my mascara brushes!  Love the gold tube too, in my cluttered up makeup drawer it’s easy to find this shiny gold tube quickly.  This definitely is in my top 3 mascaras, the 3rd favorite being Buxom.

MineTan Self Tan Foam

Another sister recommendation.  I ordered this from Amazon, although I think you can find it in Ulta stores.  After using this I’m not sure why anyone else would want to use another self tanner brand.  This is a 1 hour formula, just like those $40 express airbrush tans at salons.  You can also leave it on longer for a deeper tan.  The downside is you feel sticky for about a bit after application, but I’m also sticky after an airbrush tan so it doesn’t bother me.  I leave it on about 1- 2 hours for a great tan and then rinse.

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

I had a hair meltdown last week.  You know that moment when you need your hair to look amazing and as you’re standing with sopping wet hair your blow dryer suddenly stops working?  Yeah… those moments are fun.  My girls don’t blow dry often, so the only backup I had was this tiny travel hairdryer, which is awesome but also not really in normal home life.  Well, I did it, I took the plunge and invested in the Drybar blow dryer.  It’s given me great results at the Drybar but I had never used it myself.  It’s so lightweight and amazing, I love it!  The bright yellow gets me in a happy mood, and I need that because I hate blow drying my hair.  Does it give me Drybar results?  No, I truly suck at blow drying, but I’m working on that.  It does dry my hair fast, make less noise than my old blow dryer, and it helps cut down on frizz.

Robin Brushed Gold Earrings

You can never have too many pairs of gold earrings I say!  These Lisi Lerch earrings are so summery, I love the matte gold finish too.  Besides having really cute earrings designs another benefit of Lisi Lerch earrings are how light weight they are.  I get so upset when I find great earrings but they’re heavy.  No thanks.  These beauties also come in hammered gold.

Beauty and skincare lovers stay tuned for my Friday post, I’ve got a new beauty gadget I just love that I’m excited to share with you!